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hernando de magallanes. Punta Arenas, Chile. Current City and Hometown. Punta Arenas, Chile. Current city. Punta Arenas, Chile. Hometown. About A'lexis. Iquique, Chile. Aldea maria reina. Santiago, Chile. Current City and Hometown. Santiago, Chile. Current city. San Bernardo, Chile Rincóncito de Luz " ROBA DA DONNE, mensajes gratis para el celular, Claro Chile, Pedro Engel Bratter. Obtén llamadas ilimitadas entre teléfonos Claro, Internet de banda ancha y televisión digital en HD. Arma tu paquete ahora.

They three all have about the same market share. Plans are pretty much alike for the three of them and the coverages are similar.

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Generally data is pretty slow and 3G coverage variable, although they have greatly improved in areas with 4G availability. In Argentina WiFi is available almost everywhere.

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According to OpenSignal's country report, Personal has the best overall perfomance in the country, while Movistar has the best 4G coverage at somewhat lower speeds in Prepaid SIM cards were not registered until This has changed as operators need to verify and identify all mobile phone users via a central register with a view to reducing the trafficking of stolen handsets. Enacom has informed prepaid mobile phone users that they have until 18 October to register their SIM cards or face disconnection.

Since May all prepaid users have been obliged to provide ID and register their details when buying a new SIM card. All three operators offer prepaid SIM cards called chips in Argentina and can be bought in hundreds of shops around the city and public transports.

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The SIM card comes usually already activated. You can refill your SIM at automated vending machines or many shops in towns.

You need to look for a sign saying ' cargo virtual' or orange vending machines in kiosks. At these machines you need to enter your phone number and feed it with the bills of the amount you want to top-up.

Then click confirm. A small receipt slip is printed out and your balance is added instantly. This is usually confirmed by a SMS. To top-up by credit card, go to a branded store or use the website of the provider. It may happen that the credit is not added immediatetly. In these cases keep the confirmation receipt and turn to a customer service hotline or store.

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For calls and SMS Argentina has somewhat unusual dialing rules: Mobile phone numbers in Argentina are always preceded by a two digit number, usually '15' or ' When dialing an Argentine cell phone from another country, dial your international exit code, then 54, then 9, then the area code without the 0, then the number — leaving out the It's confusing.

The offers include text, audio and video messagesm, but doesn't include voice or video calls. Personal was the first local operator to launch a zero-rated WhatsApp offer in November You can buy prepaid SIMs called chips at Claro Customer Care Centers shop locatorkiosks, pharmacies, service stations, supermarkets, any outlets or shops where you can see the logo of Claro. They sell different chips for smartphones, tablets and computers modems. Top-up with vouchers calles Tarjetas Prepagas sold everywhere by texting the voucher code to The following procedure assumes the purchase of an unactivated Claro SIM card at a convenience store, and the customer is required to activate the line on his own.

To activate the line, put the SIM card into the phone and turn it on.

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Note that the phone number that is printed on the package of the SIM card; it will be required during activation process. The phone will start receiving a number of SMS messages. One of them will read as follows: "Si no tenes DNI argentino, te invitamos a completar el formulario que esta en claro. If any of the information is incorrect, you will get a SMS in Spanish indicating what is missing, in which you will need to resubmit the form above. Chips and recharges are sold in their shops and outlets.

Register on the Movistar site, so you can check that you are not losing credit. To check balance, send any SMS to Just reply SI to to buy a new block of 50 MB.

If you don't add further blocks then you still have internet access for the remainder of the day, but at a reduced speed of 32 Kbps only.

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You can buy a SIM card at any kiosk or store. After, send them a photo of Passport or Mercosul DNI, a selfie with that document, a photo of SIM card, the address that you are going to stay and how long you plan to stay in Argentina.

Although being only no. Note that their customer service is not available in English. All recharge top-up amount gives calendar day validity period from the moment recharging is completed. On all three plans they sell you packs for a calendar day until midnight. When used up, you can buy another pack or will be throttled to 32 kbps. At midnight, you get a text message like this, saying your 50 MB data plan has been renewed: Comenzaste a navegar, ya contas con 50MB hasta las hs.

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When your data runs out you get another message to extend the plan and get another 50 MB: Alcanzaste tu cuota de datos. In Personal has started to offer a tourist SIM card. There, it's sold already activated. A customer service agent will guide you with the documentation to show. Have your ID or passport ready and wait for agent's confirmation.

Refills can be bought in kiosks, drugstores, retail stores, or online.

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You will receive a text message confirmation. Activation is performed by texting the activation code to or via the Personal App. Nextel was the 4th provider in Argentina with a rather limited coverage.

Because of their rather restricted coverage, they can't be recommended for travellers. The brand name Nextel was dropped and the network merged with Fiber Corp. In they started their prepaid offer, but they seem to have discontinued their product line.

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Only existing customers can still use their old Nextel prepaid lines. Nuestro was the first MVNO in the country at all. It uses the network of Personal see above. SIM cards can be obtained in their shops list. But they don't include data. It targets primarily young people and uses the network of Movistar. But they are not recommended for foreigners. While you can buy the SIM at many newspaper kiosks only to find out that you can't register it.

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For registration an Argentinian DNI number is essential. Please report, if you have been able to register a SIM card as a foreigner and how you did it. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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