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Create 3D augmented reality stories with your imagination | Check Recently we launched Little Storybook at the Hong Kong Book Fair in July. (3D, voice, photo, etc) to their storybook, which includes the following features.

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More info Read Reviews. It features a realistic, high-resolution 3D book which you can control and customize with your own content.

books story 3d photo bookable

Each version includes a different library of artwork and design elements to help you create unique and attractive page designs. And with multiple 3D scenes and camera movements to choose from, you can display your custom book in an environment appropriate for your story. Realistic books are notoriously difficult to create in After Effects.

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With this effect, the shifting and bending of the paper is all pre-programmed and automatic when you turn a page, so you can focus on content - without worrying about the physics! Tips and tricks for using the image library included with each template. Some notes about book functionality and limitations this may apply if you plan on moving the book around or want to create new, complex animations :. You can turn the book's cover and each page separately using individual slider controls. The back cover can NOT be turned independently of the other pages.

For example, you can animate the book to close from the front at the end of your animation, so that it ends on the front cover and title. You can not animate the book to close from the back, so that it ends on the back cover.

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You can move and rotate the entire book in 3D space while it is closed, but not while pages are open - or the pages will become distorted. However, you can move the camera around to view the book from any angle while it is open or closed, and it will maintain the correct perspective. You can also avoid the page distortion by turning off the "page-bend" effect, making the pages rigid.

This will allow you to rotate the 3D book while it is open without moving the camera. The Custom 3D Book templates are not plugins. They are Adobe After Effects project files, commonly known as "templates" because the work is already done and the user needs only to insert their footage and make their own adjustments.

These templates are compatible with version CS5 as well as all later versions of After Effects. A transcript of the video tutorial can be found in the Help section. Because the Custom 3D Book templates contain copyrighted intellectual property in the form of their code, the sharing or online posting of project files with or for anyone other than a client is prohibited.

See the Terms and Conditions for more details. Use the contact page to send me a message. Products About Resources. Wedding Album.

Share your story with a beautiful 3d book animation.

More info. Read Reviews. Comes with three 3D scenes - a library, a castle, and a sunroom. Comes with 15 customizable pre-designed pages and 4 pre-designed covers.

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Just insert your own text, images, or videos. Comes with two 3D scenes - a sunroom and a church. Comes with 15 customizable pre-designed pages and 4 predesigned covers. Reveal or zoom-in on specific verses. Use it again and again in your sermons simply by editing the verse text.

Includes "Filler Text" images on each page by default. Or, use the included pre-designed pages and insert text from specific books the bible.

bookable books photo story 3d

Includes vintage Christian artwork and design elements for imitating old, historic bibles. Watch the Custom 3D Book Tutorial Takes you through the four steps of creating a basic book animation. Adding Page Content Tips and tricks for using the image library included with each template. You must have the Adobe After Effects software to use this template. Compatible with versions CS5 and all later versions including Creative Cloud.

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No plug-ins required. Render times are significant because of the many high-resolution 3D layers. This template is best suited for animations that are a couple minutes or less. For a one to two-minute duration, your video will likely need to render overnight.

Augmented reality children's books bring bedtime stories to life in 3D

Template users should visit the Custom 3D Book Tips page to learn important tips that will greatly speed up previews and renders. Although I have done my best to make this template and the tutorial suitable for beginners, some basic knowledge of After Effects keyframing, in particular is recommended before using this template.

If you are unsure about your ability to edit this template, watch the video tutorial before you decide. While you can add unlimited pages theoretically, the maximum recommended number of pages is about 40 20 sheets. This is because the book will need to be very thick to support more pages, so it may look unnatural.

More pages also affect the speed of the template, and too many pages can cause unexpected glitches. Not sure which 3D book to purchase? The bundle will give you access to more 3D scenes to put your book in, more artwork and images, more pre-designed pages that you can easily customize, and a square book format as well as the letter-size format. When you purchase the bundle, you will receive three unique links for downloading each template. Start with the project file that is closest to what you are creating.

To access the features of the other project files, go to Filethen Importthe File The Custom 3D Book templates are "universalized", so the templates will work in After Effects running in any language. Comps are HD, x Any resolution will work by changing all comp and pre-comp sizesbut a 4k animation would add significant time to the render time. The music in the preview videos is not included.

The composer has taken the song off the market so it is no longer for sale. All images and design elements shown in the preview video are included in the template. Some notes about book functionality and limitations this may apply if you plan on moving the book around or want to create new, complex animations : You can turn the book's cover and each page separately using individual slider controls.

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