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What follows is an example book review for the book Younger Evangelicals by Robert E. Webber. (Used with permission by the writer, Siu Fung Wu, and first. How to Write Great Book Reviews: An Introduction for Undergraduates. New York​: Outstanding Publications, Inc., Pp. Most students have had little. The book I chose to review for this assignment is entitled Primal Leadership: Learning to. Lead with Emotional Intelligence by authors Daniel.

A good book review is elementary in attracting a larger gamut of readers. It is the first impression of the story plot and the narration style of the book.

book example a pdf review

Book Article Review Templates are a reflection of the story telling that gives the readers just the right cue to take up for further reading of the book. A good book review template will also give a general detail of the author. Here are some templates that offer the perfect framework that can be used to make the most interesting book review formats. You may also see performance review samples.

FREE 10+ Book Review Templates in PDF | MS Word

This book review template has a very clean and neat look. The template design offers separate segments that will be furnishing information about the plot of the book, the most special aspect about the story plot that will help to build the interest of the readers and also a general recommendation as to why should one read this book. The template is fully editable and the users can feed in information as per their own requirement.

You may also see business review samples.

pdf review example a book

Books for kids have to be given an especially interesting look and feel. The review of this book should be having a special touch that will develop the interest and the curiosity of the young readers.

This template has the most unique design that offers information such as the title and the author of the book, the name of the publisher and also a brief story line.

The template also has other interesting features such as the section that illustrates the best and the worst aspects of the book. You may also see management review templates. Easy to download and use, this simple and clean template supports the picture of the reviewer.

The template can support the information of the reviewer, a synopsis of the plot of the story and recommendations as to why one should read this book. You may also see product review template. Simple yet effective this book review template has a number of features that helps this template to be the most suitable for creating the most professional book reviews.

9+ Book Review Templates

The template is fully editable and has responsive features. The resolution range of the template is very good that allows very high quality printouts.

The template supports information about the plot of the book, information about the author and also a description of the important characters of the book. You may also see employee review templates.

Book Review Template For Kids

It has separate boxes that hold the information about the plot of the book and also the background settings of the book and how does the same contribute to the thickening of the plot. The template is fully editable and it is very easily navigable.

pdf review a book example

You may also see review systems. Simple, informative and elegant, this template format provides a very formal and a professional structure of a book review. On one hand just as the user can provide the information such as the title of the book and the name of the author and also the rating of the book, the user can also explain the ratings that he is providing.

You may also see literature review templates. The detailed layout of this book review template highlights a good resolution, the template is print ready.

It can be downloaded for free and with a lot of ease. It provides the basic information pertinent for a book review. You may also see movie reviews. The template offers the name of the author, the synopsis of the plot, important characters and also star ratings. You may also see after action review templates.

Absolutely print ready this template has been provided with a great many technical features like super responsive features that are very easily navigable. It provides information on the plot of the book, a general propagation of the salability of the book etc. You may also see employee review forms.

Book review template provides the users with the perfect structure or format that can be used for the purpose of making the crispest, attractive and professional book reviews. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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  1. Example of an academic book review. This book review is included here with the permission of both the author, Heather Kavan, senior lecturer in Business.

  2. Reviews of these books should evaluate what kind of theory the book is arguing for, how much and what kind of evidence the author uses to support his or her.

  3. For this class, you are required to write a book review of a non-fiction book showing proper page layout, sample title pages, and practical aspects of preparing book reviews. Adapted from: cavosboig.site~slindmar/​cavosboig.site


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