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These Are The Best Alternative Of BookMyshow: cavosboig.sitentown Concerts With this app you will be able to get tickets for your favorite artists and get customized​. Read the Press Releases, announcements, news & updates of BookMyShow - India's largest ticketing portal for movies, events, concerts, plays & sports. About Us, Book movie tickets, make advance bookings for movies, buy play tickets, event tickets and sport tickets. APP DOWNLOADS. 15 Million+. TICKETS A.

Are you a movie buff? If it's a no, then sorry to burst your lie! Come on, there are endless reasons for watching a movie: for unwinding, relaxing, and what not. The genre differentiates the audience; some love action, others root for rom-com, teens want drama, and all that jazz.

Choices are never ending. But someone is there to unite movie goers. And that is BookMyShow.

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Movies, parties, events, and what not—BookMyShow has it all covered. Booking tickets has become as easy as ABC courtesy of this venture. But turning into a huge success wasn't an overnight journey for BookMyShow. Read on to know how the company rose from a nascent startup to becoming the most sought-after one in the online entertainment ticket booking segment.

Book MyShow started out in as a software re-seller for movie theaters and converted into a platform catering to cloud-based events, movies, sports, and plays booking.

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It operates in 5 countries with more than 30 million customers. In sixteen years, BookMyShow has been through a roller-coaster ride, seeing all kinds of crests and troughs. It managed to sail through tough times and emerged winner in the end. Walter Thompson, an advertising firm. The alcohol did it for him! After his master's, Ashish was working for J. Thompson, an advertising agency. He was on a backpacking trip in South Africa. On one such day, he was sitting under a tree listening to the promotion of rugby tickets on radio Newton reincarnated?

An idea sparked; a solution to bring about a change. Ashish came back to India and resigned from his job immediately to focus on his idea. He thought of Bigtree Entertainment Pvt.

However, starting was far from easy. When Ashish told his parents about his business idea, they weren't happy. Uncertainty and concern hit them like any other parent mindful of their child's career.

Ashish was somehow able to convince them. At the age of 24, he launched his first ever internet venture with its head office being his bedroom. Soon after, his friend Parikshit Dar joined him to lead the technological aspects and another co-founder, Rajesh Balpande, took over the responsibility of managing Bigtree's finances.

The trio, fondly known as the three musketeers, thus started Bigtree Entertainment Pvt.

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InBookMyShow, then known as India Ticketing, organized a contest for its employees where they were to suggest a name for the company with the winner receiving an iPod touch. The name BookMyShow was suggested by an engineering intern. And that's how the venture found a name that clicked with its mission and vision. BookMyShow initially kept itself to movie tickets but soon had its fingers in various pies. Now, BookMyShow sells tickets for anything and everything that has to do with entertainment—from movies, to events like plays, fairs, sports, etc.

You can also book tickets for monument exhibitions and international events on the platform. The company also introduced tickets for activities happening in one's vicinity. The app was first launched in The company keeps updating and upgrading the app from time to time.

The app allows users to check show timings, book tickets, read reviews, watch trailers, and more.

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BookMyShow has exclusive access to Vista ERP APIs that are used by movie theaters and multiplexes, integrating them with the backend of its app to show real-time availability of movie tickets. It includes internet handling fees and commissions on ticket booking. The company charges a convenience fee over and above the price of the tickets. This difference is what BookMyShow keeps. As far as non-movie events are concerned, BookMyShow gets a commission from the sale of such tickets.

BookMyShow takes advantage of its massive page views to promote new artists and their offerings.

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Once a ticket has been paid for, it is deemed sold. It can then neither be replaced nor be canceled. Its losses in the previous year stood at INR Cr.

Book My Show has been in the green read making profits over the last few years. The company reported loss of just Rs 1 Cr. However, the company's losses have witnessed an uptick due to its investment in non-movie segments and due to the rise of new competitors. The business thrived in spite of no investor support from to After the Dot Com boom settled, the Indian market was revamped with better internet services, credit and debit card facilities, and infrastructure setup.

The number of multiplexes across India also proliferated. With a favorable scenario in the backdrop coupled with BookMyShows's promising business plan, investors were willing to put in their money in the company. With funding from Jungle Ventures, the company is now planning to shift its headquarters to Singapore. The journey was an arduous one for BookMyShow. Be it the hassles of starting a new venture, the dot com bubble ofor the financial crisis, BookMyShow has seen it all.

When BigTree Entertainment Pvt Ltd was formed inselling tickets online wasn't mainstream like today. The internet was still an experimental playground with constantly changing dynamics. Poor broadband connectivity and lack of e-ticketing software in theaters only added to the woes. There was a time when BookMyShow used to buying tickets in bulk and sent hundreds of people on bike to deliver the tickets to customers.

However, the business model wasn't scalable and the company had to take it off.

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In the early days, BookMyShow was mainly doing its business offline. It had 12 call centers in 12 cities with employees and the company was doing good despite the hurdles.

Then inBookMyShow faced the dot com crash. The business was running at an all-time low. It even shut down some offices and focused on only the major cities: Mumbai and Delhi. The skeleton crew was reduced from members to a paltry 6. Ashish, Parikshit, and Rajesh did not give up even in the face of these adversities.

The passing by of the dot com debacle brought some welcoming changes in the Indian market. The number of multiplexes proliferated. BookMyShow wanted to gain back its erstwhile strong footing.

It started selling software solution providers, providing automated ticketing software to multiplexes. The company also started running call centers for its clients. BookMyShow gradually generated profits and was worth However, BookMyShow has an early bird advantage over them.

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Currently, BookMyShow is facing stiff competition from Paytm which offers discounts and cash backs to users on purchase of movie tickets through the Paytm platform. As BookMyShow owner Ashish Hemrajani puts it, "Our market share in movie-ticketing has not changed, it has actually gone up.

With time, BookMyShow has managed to partner with the topmost multiplex chains, theaters, and ace event management companies like Percept popular for organizing the Sunburn Festival. Although the company's operating model is no more a unique point, it's far ahead of its competitors and firmly established, making it difficult for new players to entrench themselves.

In SeptemberInox Leisure, India's second largest multiplex chain stopped offering its tickets on the BookMyShow platform owing to a dispute between the two parties.

While Inox demanded more money from BookMyShow for the rights to sell its tickets, the latter refused to heed into this demand. The dispute fortunately did not last long and in Octoberthe two parties were back at talking terms. Book My Show is now the market leader in online ticket booking industry.

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Some major achievements of the company are:. The company wants to add a merchandising section on its website where fans can buy tees, hoodies, and other apparels. Rajesh Balpande worked as an investment banker before joining his friend Ashish in the venture. However, there is no data backing the exact net worth of BookMyShow today.

A pessimist says the glass is half empty, an optimist says it is half full. Operating in 5 countries. Became exclusive ticketing partner for Formula 1 race in India. January Acquired Mastiticket, a Hyderabad based ticketing firm. BookMyShow - Future Plans The company wants to add a merchandising section on its website where fans can buy tees, hoodies, and other apparels. You have got to be very clear why your idea or you as a person will succeed in this environment. How disruptive your technology is.

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