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The Best ''After Life'' Movie of All Time? See more polls». Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Another 3 wins & 28 nominations. See. From producer Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge Gutierrez comes an animated comedy with a unique visual style. THE BOOK OF LIFE is the journey of​. The Book of Life dvdrip movie. Torrent Download. An animated movie described as a Romeo and Juliet-inspired love story set during a Day of the.

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The Book of Life

Learn more on our FAQ page. Close Menu. Book of Life 3, 7. A young man embarks on a journey that spans three fantastical worlds in this incredible animated adventure from producer Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge Gutierrez. Genres Kids Director Jorge R. More purchase options.

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Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase. Close to an "I Love It" but not quite as this doesn't get a lot of re-watches in the house. I appreciate the lack of commercialization, and enjoy the subject matter Good vs. Evil, strength against morality. The voices are good and the acting is well done. I like the music, and the visuals are stunning. The bad guys are a little scary, but there is not too much to overwhelm a young viewer.

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I also appreciate that it's not the typical European mythos, but shows a rich world view that many may be unfamiliar with. I like that my son is getting some exposure to more traditions. The girl must fight against some expectations, the boys must as well. It was also a good way for us to talk a little about death, and have more discussion around ghosts and scary things. Little one is currently having some fears expected for his age and this allowed for us to talk about some of the things he can do, and how some things that may look scary are good.

My kids really love this film, I dare say that they like this one better than Coco, the music while not original, and not true folk either, it's a clever way to make a connection with American audiences as they use very recognizable alternative rock tunes and other genres throughout with really awesome arrangements.

No harsh language is used, of course there's some violence as the heroes have to fight the 'evil' forces but nothing too graphic, and I think the theme and concept of death is treated respectfully, for the most part.

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Also, the subject of bullfighting is a very crucial part of the story and I think it was a very smart take on it. And Diego Luna can sing too! It's an excellent cast overall. As people they're fairly opposite, with Manolo being a musician at heart his family's profession is bullfighter and Joaquin being a soldier who does great deeds of derring-do.

Unbeknownst to them, however, Lady Muerte and Xibalba Ron Perlman have entered into a wager about which of them can win the heart of Maria and it sets Manolo on a journey that will take him to both realms of the dead.

First, I should say that the character design, animation and overall look of the film was extremely creative and visually unique, befitting a Guillermo del Toro production. The colors popped and everything in the world of the film was brought to vibrant life.

The voice cast was equally impressive, although there were a couple of people who took me out of it for a little bit before getting sucked back into the story.

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The biggest offender was probably Ice Cube, who voices the Candlemaker, although they did stick in a couple of good jokes and references for him. I also got taken a little bit out of the story by realizing that Danny Trejo and Cheech Marin also voiced characters in the film, but again, they still did great work here. Another high point was the music.

The score was pretty good, but what really stood out was the use of modern pop songs in what is mostly a period piece set at an indeterminate time in the past. Of course, I didn't mind that one bit at all.

The Book of Life mp4

I also thought that the first half to two-thirds of the story were excellent. It succeeded telling an emotionally moving story with plenty of interesting characters, but at a certain point it resorted to the standard climax and resolution that wrapped up everything with a nice little bow.

And despite much of the humor working, at times I felt it was a little too silly for its own good. Still, at the end I was completely won over.

Had I seen this last year, I'm fairly certain it would have made my top ten. As it stands, this was an incredibly charming and visually rich film that should appeal to kids and adults alike, and also serves as a valuable cultural lesson.

This movie while traveling abroad for work last year. This movie is not only visually stunning, it also brings a simple but elegant explanation of the day of the dead. All of the characters were fleshed out very very well, the storyline was very engaging and the morals about family and knowing one's self and being unassailed by social expectations resound throughout. My girlfriend just recently watch this with me for the first time the other day and enjoyed it thoroughly.

We even spoke about it a couple days after word, as she was so enamored with it.

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This is a great family film that I personally would recommend to anyone living on the North American or Central American continen girlfriend just recently watch this with me for the first time the other day and enjoyed it thoroughly.

This is a great family film that I personally would recommend to anyone.

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This film has been a topic during our podcasts at The Stone Turntable: [ See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. D J Jackson: Passionate about Film. Verified Purchase. This is a review of the standard Region B2 Blu-ray. My husband and I watched the Pixar film 'Coco', on the back of warm reviews and the 'Oscar', and were curiously underwhelmed and disappointed by it.

The following day, whilst exploring Amazon reviews of it, I noted the number of reviewers who recommended 'The Book of Life', and said it was much better. So last night, we watched it, and WOW were those reviewers correct! It is SO much better in every respect. The plot of 'The Book of Life' is excellent, and great fun, the characters are rich and layered, and the whole look of the film is so beautiful, colourful and engrossing.

Book of Life

There is plenty of exciting action certainly more than enough to keep the attention of youngstersand a number of lovable baddies! The music is a wonderful mixture of Mexican, classical and golden pop songs. We especially loved the sly little nod to the Balrog in 'Lord of the Rings'! There are some other nice little references too.

This is an altogether more engaging and complex film than 'Coco', and left us saying 'Wow'. It satisfied and entertained in equal measure, and is truly life-affirming. Thank you for your feedback.

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Here we have an enjoyable, vibrant, colourful, fun and funny slice of animation - it's pretty safe for all the family and showcases some good tunes along the way. Essentially it's a good old fashioned love triangle with a dose of Mexican folklore thrown in. Maria is the object of the boys affections but it appears only one of them can win the girl. The twist to the tale lies in the subplot as we're introduced to two spirits of the afterlife just go with it who set up a wager between themselves as to which lad will marry Maria.

Their involvement will of course have a part to play in the outcome. Most of the usual ingredients are here for this kind of animated fare.

Family friendly chuckles with the odd big laugh. Terrific animation which gets even better and freakier in the later stages as we're introduced to The Land of the Remembered and The Land of the Forgotten. Quality songs including reworked versions of the likes of Mumford and Sons, Radiohead, Elvis and Rod Stewart alongside original tunes. A stellar voice cast with Ron Perlman being the standout for me as the most interesting and mischievous character. It all adds up to a neat little, imaginative package.

I love this film and so does my 3 year old. I had seen the box and images of the film before and thought that it looked 'boxy' and that I would hate it just because of how it looked but I couldn't be more wrong! I would definitely recommend this film to anyone!! This watching this tale was sadly a little disappointing to be honest, where as the "Coco" animation which is based around the similar Mexican subject was everything this particular Mexican story line simply was not. The "Book of Life" just never came to life in your imagination - this one will not be a keeper for that's sure.

We were flicking through Amazon Prime movies on our smart TV, looking through movies to watch as a family, and came across this one and my daughter chose it even though none of us had heard of it before. It took a little while to get used to the character animation and to figure out the story but it soon fell into place and the characters came to life.

It is a wonderful movie - full of vibrant colours - super characters - centred around a Mexican folk tale with some modern songs intertwined.

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