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For all subjects- * Arrange Made Easy Class Notes – As this will help in restricting scope of your study. Don't much digress from these. Do extra topics but only if. › IES-ESE › Reference-Books-for-MEC. IES-ESE Reference Books Mechanical - ME. IES Books for Mechanical Engineering.

Engineering Services Examination (ESE/ IES)

Call Now Send mail at info iesmaster. Student Zone. Please Select any option. Civil Engineering S. Punamia U. Bansal, Cengel and Cimbala, K. Subramanyam, Jagdish Lal.

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I ManualS. Gambhir 12 R. Design Pillai and Menon, A. Shah I. Negi, I. Code 14 Plastic Analysis Manicka Selvam. Mechanical Engineering S. Thermodynamics P.

Reference Book

J Hern 3 Industrial Engg. Kumar 12 Compressible Flow S. K Nag 15 I. Engine Sharma Mathur, V. Ganeshan 16 Operations Research TahaS.

Civil Engineering

D Sharma Kanti Swarup. Dekker S. Roy choudhary A. Chakraborty Schaum series 3 Electro Magnetic field W.

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H Hayt Mathewd N. Sadikku K. Gupta David A. Bell H.

Mechanical Engineering

Ritchie 9 Basic Electronic Engineering S. Jain Tocci 4 Microprocessor R.

for books for ies mechanical

Gaonkar B. Ram D.

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Kuo K. Ogata B.

IES-ESE Reference Books Mechanical - ME

Manke Schaum series 7 Electical Machines I. Kothari P.

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Kothari C. Bhimbra M. Thareja 3 Material Science A.

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Roy Choudhary A. Jain Tocci 8 c Microproccesors R. Ramakrishna Rao-Analog communication P. Ramakrishna Rao-Digital communication H.

Ies Mechanical - Books

Hayt Mathew N. Sadiku K. Topper's Talk. Some text in the Modal.

Important Books for IES Exam Preparation

Van Valkenberg D. Chakraborty Schaum series. Prasad Schaum Series. Manke Schaum series. Simon Haykin B. Hsu-Schaum Series Kennedy.

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