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Developing game engine is a great learning project. You will learn about linear algebra, computer graphics, programming, physics and collisions. However, books on these topics are not cheap.

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This article will share with you some of the best books on useful game engines, not only saving you time but also money. Game engine is a software written to design and develop video games, it is simply a kind of middleware that interconnects the interactions of many applications in the same system Definition by Wikipedia. The books on this list are the 'top of the books' books, without them you will not be able to or spend a lot of time writing game engines.

All you need to know about 3D math is in this book.

It contains mathematical formulas to spin an object, add shadows to the scene, add reality to the object. In addition, it also contains the maths used in the physics engine as well as in collision detection.

The advantage of this book is to provide a mathematical overview for readers. In some sections, it also provides the reader with the code. To spin a game object, you need the matrix but the problem is that it takes up too much space and is a bit slow. The best solution is to use the Quaternion space rotation. The term seems strange to many programmers but when you read this book you will understand it.

The best books about game engine development

John Vince clearly explained how this operation works. And after reading this book, you can write math libraries using Quaternion. This is a reference book, it contains many useful equations used in 3D mathematics. For example, if you want to know the equation for the intersection of three planes or the angle between a straight line and a plane, you should read this book because the information found on the web is sometimes incomplete.

This book has all the 3D math equations you will need.

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Many readers are familiar with OpenGL graphics technical standards until reading this book. The book is very well written and it will make you happy when reading it.

Many reflection readers do not like the 5th edition very much, but the 7th version is more appreciated. You need to develop a physics engine, this is a book to buy. It will teach you about dynamics, dynamics, dynamics, pulses and friction. More importantly, it will show you how to do these things with code.

Best books about Game Engine Design?

This is a valuable book you should have in your bookcase because it will save you time during the development of the game engine. This is the best book on collision detection with full of theories and concepts of collision.

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In addition, it has tons of code. Therefore there is no better way to develop a collision detection system than this book.

Home Program. The best books about game engine development 3D math books 1. Quaternions for Computer Graphics 3.

Geometry for Computer Graphics Books about rendering engine 4.

The best books about game engine development

Physics for Game Developers 7. Real Time Collision Detection.

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