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Album Reviews · Song Reviews · Spotlight · Facebook · Advertise · Submit Lyrics · Song Lyrics. 55k. Like · Lyrics · Artists - P · Paraziții Lyrics; Categoria grea. Lyrics for Categoria grea by Paraziţii at AZ View Categoria grea official lyrics, albums and other lyrics for Paraziţii a to z. Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. The band's current lineup Their second album, Meteora (), continued the band's success, topping the Billboard , and was followed by On the day of the game's release, Linkin Park made a post on their Facebook explaining that the song used to.

Categorized as alternative rockLinkin Park has experimented with their music throughout their career by incorporating heavy metalhard rockhip hoppopand electronica. Linkin Park continued to explore a wider variation of musical types in their fourth album, A Thousand Sunslayering their music with more electronic sounds.

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The band's fifth album, Living Thingscombined musical elements from all of their previous records. Their sixth album, The Hunting Partyreturned to a heavier rock sound, and their seventh album, One More Lightis a more electronic and pop-oriented record. Linkin Park is among the best-selling bands of the 21st century and the world's best-selling music artistshaving sold over million records worldwide. InMTV2 named Linkin Park the sixth-greatest band of the music video era and the third-best of the new millennium.

Billboard ranked Linkin Park No. Inthe band was voted as the greatest artist of the s in a Bracket Madness poll on VH1. Linkin Park has been on an indefinite hiatus since longtime lead vocalist Bennington committed suicide in Julyleaving the band's future uncertain. Though limited in resources, the band began recording and producing songs within Shinoda's makeshift bedroom studio inresulting in a four-track demo tape, entitled Xero.

After spending a considerable time searching for Wakefield's replacement, Xero recruited Arizona vocalist Chester Benningtonwho was recommended by Jeff Bluethe vice president of Zomba Music in March The band still struggled to sign a record deal.

Album: Categoria Grea

They turned to Jeff Blue for additional help after facing numerous rejections from several major record labels. Records on three previous reviews, Blue, who was now the vice president of Warner Bros. Records, helped the band sign a deal with the company. Linkin Park released Hybrid Theory on October 24, Now reunited with former bassist Phoenix, the band began work on a remix album, dubbed Reanimationwhich would include works from Hybrid Theory and non-album tracks.

Following the success of Hybrid Theory and ReanimationLinkin Park spent a significant amount of time touring around the United States. The band members began to work on new material amidst their saturated schedule, spending a sliver of their free time in their tour bus' studio. Meteora sold more thancopies during its first week, and it ranked as the best selling album on the Billboard charts at the time.

Supporting bands on the tour included HoobastankP. Meteora earned the band multiple awards and honors.

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Records was deteriorating rapidly on account of several trust and financial issues. Following Meteora' s success, the band worked on many side projects. The album, which featured intermixed lyrics and background tracks from both artists' previous albums, debuted in November Shinoda also formed Fort Minor as a side project.

Linkin Park also participated in numerous charitable events, most notably raised money to benefit victims of Hurricane Charley in and later Hurricane Katrina in They would later go on to play at the Summer Sonic music festival, which was hosted by Metallica in Japan. Linkin Park returned to the recording studios in to work on new material. To produce the album, the band chose producer Rick Rubin.

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Despite initially stating the album would debut sometime inthe album was delayed until Records officially announced that the band's third studio album, titled Minutes to Midnightwould be released on May 15, in the United States.

The album's title, a reference to the Doomsday Clockforeshadowed the band's new lyrical themes. The album also took the top spot on the Billboard Charts. Mike Shinoda was also featured on the Styles of Beyond song "Second to None", which was also included in the film. The band completed touring on their fourth Projekt Revolution tour before taking up an Arena tour around the United Kingdom, visiting NottinghamSheffield and Manchesterbefore finishing on a double night at the O2 arena in London.

Bennington stated that Linkin Park plans to release a follow-up album to Minutes to Midnight.

Paraziții - Categoria Grea Album

This was the first time a Projekt Revolution tour was held in Europe with three shows in Germany and one in the United Kingdom. Linkin Park finished the tour with a final show in Texas. In MayLinkin Park announced they were working on a fourth studio album, which was planned to be released in Shinoda told IGN that the new album would be ' genre-busting ,' while building off of elements in Minutes to Midnight. The band later revealed the album would be called A Thousand Suns.

Joe Hahn created a music video for the song, which featured clips from the film. It featured the band as playable characters, and a new song called "Blackbirds" which was unlockable by beating the game. The song was also later released as an iTunes bonus track on A Thousand Suns. A Thousand Suns was released on September The album's first single, " The Catalyst ", was released on August 2.

The band promoted their new album by launching a concert tour, which started in Los Angeles on September 7. On August 31,it was announced that the band would perform the single live for the first time at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12, Linkin Park reached No. The band was No. In JulyBennington told Rolling Stone that Linkin Park aims to produce a new album every eighteen months, and that he would be shocked if a new album did not come out in He later revealed in another interview in September that the band was still in the beginning phases of the next album, saying "We just kind of began.

We like to keep the creative juices flowing, so we try to keep that going all the time Create about the album's art, saying that it will "blow them [the fans] away So there's going to be that".

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Living Things sold overcopies during its debut week, ranking No. The band also performed at the award ceremony on December 7, but lost the award to "Cities" by Beck.

On the day of the game's release, Linkin Park made a post on their Facebook explaining that the song used to promote the game would be included on a new remix album, entitled Rechargedwhich was released on October 29, on CD, vinyl, and digital download.

In an interview with FuseShinoda confirmed that Linkin Park had begun recording their sixth studio album in May Records and debut at No. The album was produced by Shinoda and Delson, who wanted to explore musical elements from Hybrid Theory and the band's earlier material.

Linkin Park

He elaborated, "It's a rock record. It's loud and it's rock, but not in the sense of what you've heard before, which is more like '90s hardcore - punk - thrash. Linkin Park performed at Download Festival on June 14,where they played their debut album, Hybrid Theoryin its entirety. The tour was canceled after only three concerts when Bennington injured his ankle. Linkin Park performed at the closing ceremony of BlizzConBlizzard's video game convention.

Linkin Park began working on new material for a seventh studio album in November Brad Delson elaborated: "We've made so many records and we clearly know how to make a record and we definitely didn't take the easy way out this time. The first single from the new album was revealed to be titled " Heavy " and features pop singer Kiiarathe first time the band has featured a female vocalist on an original song for a studio album.

The album cover was revealed through digital puzzles across social media; the cover features six kids playing in the ocean. Bennington died on July 20, ; his death was ruled a suicide by hanging.

grea from facebook album categoria

An official statement will come out as soon as we have one". The band thanked fans for their support, stating, "The five of us are so grateful for all of your support as we heal and build the future of Linkin Park".

The event included Linkin Park's first performance following Bennington's death. In Novemberthe band announced that a live album compiled from their final tour with Bennington, titled One More Light Livewould be released on December During an Instagram live chat on December 17,Shinoda was asked whether Linkin Park would perform with a hologram version of Bennington in the future.

He replied, "Can we not do a holographic Chester? I can't even wrap my head around the idea of a holographic Chester.

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I've actually heard other people outside the band suggest that, and there's absolutely no way. I cannot fuck with that. On January 28,Shinoda replied to a tweet from a fan inquiring about his future with Linkin Park, writing "I have every intention on continuing with LP, and the guys feel the same. We have a lot of rebuilding to do, and questions to answer, so it'll take time.

On April 17,Linkin Park was nominated for three awards at the Billboard Music Awardsbut did not win any of them.

On February 18,Shinoda said in an interview that the band is open to the idea of continuing though what form that takes has yet to be decided. If it does happen, it has to happen naturally. If we find someone that is a great person and good stylistic fit, I could see trying to do some stuff with somebody. I would never want to feel like we are replacing Chester.

On February 10,Linkin Park released the official music video for the song on their homepage. The single itself was released on October 21, Linkin Park combines elements of rock music, hip hop and electronicaand have been categorized as alternative rock[1] [2] [] [] nu metal[1] [2] [] [] alternative metal[] [] rap rock[1] [] [] electronic rock[] [] hard rock[] hip hop, [2] [] rap metal[1] pop[2] industrial rock[] and pop rock.

Both Hybrid Theory and Meteora combine the alternative metal, [] [] [] nu metal, [] [] [] rap rock, [] [] rap metal, [] and alternative rock [] [] sound with influences and elements from hip hop, and electronica, [] [] utilizing programming and synthesizers. William Ruhlmann from AllMusic regarded it as "a Johnny-come-lately to an already overdone musical style," [] whereas Rolling Stone described their song " Breaking the Habit " as "risky, beautiful art".

In Minutes to Midnight the band experimented with their established sound and drew influences from a wider and more varied range of genres and styles, a process Los Angeles Times compares to a stage in U2 's work. The vocal interplay between Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda plays as a major part within Linkin Park's music, with Bennington being the lead vocalist and Shinoda as the rapping vocalist.

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The album has been regarded as a turning point in the band's musical career, having a stronger emphasis on electronica. He elaborated: "Public Enemy were very three-dimensional with their records because although they seemed political, there was a whole lot of other stuff going on in there too.

It made me think how three-dimensional I wanted our record to be without imitating them of course, and show where we were at creatively". Their fifth album, Living Thingsis also an electronic-heavy album, but includes other influences, resulting in a harder sound by comparison.

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