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[The present chapter analyses Chetan Bhagat's third novel Three Mistakes of My Life. Serious issues of lower middle class Indian society have been explored. Chetan Bhagat's Third book The Three Mistakes of My Life as an attachment. Regards Pradeep Nambiar Attached Files Membership is required for. Chetan Bhagat -three mistakes of my life (Mama came running to our You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! View in Fullscreen Report. Seela Sainath · Download PDF.

Mama came running to our shop. The live visual was incredible even bysci-fi movie standards. The hundred-storey tall twin towers had deep incisions inthe middle, like someone had cut through loaves of bread. We half-closed the shutters. Everyone in the temple gathered around TV setswhere the towers crumbled down again and again in replay.

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Smoke, soot andconcrete dust filled the streets of New York. Reports said thousands may be dead. He saw thenumber and stood in attention. I couldn't hear Parekh-ji's words. He doesn't spend as much time Parekh-ji gave him tips on the electionsnext week.

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Later at night, pictures of the first suspects were released. Four Muslim boyshad joined a flying school a few months back.

3 life my books bhagat chetan pdf mistakes of the

They had hijacked the plane usingoffice box cutter knives and caused one of the most spectacular man-madedisasters of the world.

A stick-thin old man called Bin Laden released an amateurvideo, claiming it was all his big idea. He doesn't pound the streets of hisconstituency. He isn't too worried. The bye-election is only for two seatsin Gujarat The real elections are next year. Omi and Mama stoodup to leave. Winning this seat will help,' Mama said.

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Parekh-ji said theseattacks could work in our favour, Let's tell everyone at the puja. Is it on silent? He collected all the invoicesscattered on the ground.

We were closing the shop for the night. I opened supplier Vidyanath's message.

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I put the phone in my pocket 'What? Trying to sell you something? His mood alternated between anger and tears. It was hard for a tough, grown-up man like him to cry. However, it was even harder to work for months and losean election. We stood outside the counting booths. Electoral officers were stilltallying the last few votes, though the secular party had already started rollingdrumbeats outside. That's my area.

The two other neighbourhoods given to me,we won majority votes there, too.

Chetan Bhagat -three mistakes of my life

That Muslim professorhas nothing to do all day. He even met the old ladies. But Hasmukh-ji? Huh, chipon shoulder about being upper caste. Cannot walk the lanes and feels he can winelections by waving from the car. And look, he ran away two hours into thecounting. Did 1 not go to the sewer-infested lanes of the Muslim pols? Aren't thereHindu voters there?

Why didn't he go? Tempers rose as a few ofMama's team members heckled the drum player. Mama needs me,' Omi said. A white Mercedes drove up in-front of the vote-counting station. A jeep ofbodyguards came alongside.

The guards surrounded the area as the Mercedes'door opened.

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Parekh-ji stepped outside. Mama ran to Parekh-ji. He lay down on the ground and 'I am your guilty man. Punish me,' Mama said, his voice heavy.

Three Mistakes of My Life

Parekh-ji placed both his hands on Mama's head. I want to die here. I let the greatest man down,' Mama continued tobawl. Parekh-ji gave the youngsters a firm glance.

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Everyone backed off. Parekh-jilifted Mama up by the shoulders, 'Come, let's go for dinner to Vishala. We need totalk. Ish and I looked at each other. Maybe it wastime for Ish and me to vanish.

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They came to Gandhinagar,' Omi said. Iguess he wanted us to have a treat at Vishala, normally unaffordable for us. Parekh-ji looked at us and tried to place us. I don't know if he could. Along with a craft museum and villagecourtyards, there is an ethnic restaurant that serves authentic Gujarati cuisine. We took a semi-private room with seating on the clay floor. Parekh-ji's securitystaff sat outside, near the puppet show for kids. Their guns made the guest'simportance known to the waiters and insured us good service.

Within minutes,we had two dozen dishes in front of us.


Emotional speeches are fine,but in your mind always think straight,' Parekh-ji lectured Mama. We gorged on the dhokla, khandvi, ghugra, gota, dalwada and several otherGujarati snacks. I felt full even before the main course arrived. Hasmukh-ji's defeat has a back story. We expected it. But he is part of theold school.

The same school as the current chief minister. Our high command inDelhi is not happy with them. We might be a Hindu party, but it doesn't mean we preach religion all dayand do no work.

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Gujarat is a place of business, it is not a lazy place. The highcommand did not like the way the administration handled the earthquake.

Peoplelost a lot in that, I know you boys did too,' he turned to us. We nodded. The mention of the earthquake still hurt. The old school put theircandidate. We knew they were weak. Of count, hardworking people like Bittootried their best But, a dud candidate is a dud candidate.

So we lost both theseats. With the main election in twelve months, the entire party machinery isshaken up.

bhagat the pdf books life chetan 3 mistakes my of

And the high command finally gets a chance to make a change. For losing two seats? And Gujarat is vital to our party. We can't affordto lose it. So we lost both the. Sixteen Where's your smallest chocolate cake?

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Vidya turned eighteen on 19 November Shecould now officially make her own decisions. Unofficially, she had done that sincebirth. I keptthe rucksack upright in my lap until I made it to Vidya's place.

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