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Arranged for easy guitar with notes and tablature, this fifty song collection features today's top contemporary Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation / Songbook. Arr. Vincent J. Carrola. Guitar TAB Book & MP3 CD. This book features more than 30 classic hymns for a guitar-playing worship leader. For each hymn, guitar. The best selection of guitar tablature, method books, play-alongs and DVDs. All styles: pop, rock, jazz, blues, country and more.

Chord Melody Guitar Music Now you can download over 3, DVDs instantly! Now you can download guitar tab for individual songs instantly!

Peabody Conservatory trained guitarist Steven Herron is available to answer questions and make recommendations that will help you become a better guitarist! Just call Toll-Free now!!

Cross indexing makes this manual extremely easy to use and regardless of what style of music you play, we know you will find this to be a valuable, "must have" addition to your library. Let It Snow! Notation and tab Duck teaches arrangements of six well known Gospel songs, which are played in standard and dropped-D tunings.

Duck gives historical background on each tune as well as phrase by phrase explanations of the arrangements.

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Each tune is clearly illustrated in a split-screen section making it easy to see what the right and left hands are playing. Beginning Solo Guitar - Merry Christmas - Book 15 songs for guitar in "chord-melody" style arrangements in standard notation and tab are featured in this collection.

Each solo combines melody and harmony in one full-sounding arrangement that can be played with a pick or fingers.

Beginning Solo Guitar - Jazzy Christmas - Book 15 songs for guitar in "chord-melody" style arrangements in standard notation and tab are featured in this collection. You can easily place your order Toll Free by calling now!

See Our Guarantee. Chuck Campbell's innovative pedal steel playing epitomizes this amazing genre.

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His hard-driving licks and sweeping sustains have influenced innumerable musicians in all styles of music and have helped bring these sound to audiences worldwide. Whether you are just starting out on pedal steel or you already play other styles, this lesson will open up a whole new world of musical inspiration for you. Chuck Campbell details his E tuning and walks you through his unique pedal set-up.

He then shows the various ways he gets his much-imitated sounds. He teaches "framming" strummingpicking, the use of vibrato, left and right hand string blocking, chords and scales for major and minor blues and much more!

All of these techniques are brought into focus when he and the Campbell Brothers Phillip Campbell - guitar, Darick Campbell - lap steel demonstrate his musicianship in two beloved traditional songs "Amazing Grace" and "When the Saints Go Marching In". Darick Campbell - Learn Lap Steel Guitar - DVD The sound of "sacred steel" guitar has been bringing House of God congregations to new depths of emotion and heights of joyous exhilaration since it was first introduced to worship in the s!

In recent years, the Campbell Brothers band, with Darick Campbell's riveting 8 string lap steel playing, has taken the power and brilliance of this African American gospel music to secular audiences worldwide. This DVD gives you a close-up look at Darick's lap steel technique and teaches you to play in his unique style.

He discusses essentials such as tuning, string blocking, bar technique, hammer-ons, vibrato and octave licks. You'll see how he uses volume and tone controls, wah-wah pedal and other devices to give his playing its singing, "vocal" quality. Play-along sections - with backup by the Campbell Brothers Phillip Campbell - guitar, Chuck Campbell - pedal steel - will help you develop your own skills on the instrument and give you the opportunity to practice the songs and new techniques you have just learned!

Arranged for pickstyle rock guitar, including sweep picking, two-hand tapping, and cool string bending! Just follow the tab, listen to the CD to hear how the guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks.

The melody and lyrics are also included in the book in case you want to sing, or to simply help you follow along. The audio CD is playable on any CD player, and also enhanced so PC and Mac users can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing pitch! With the unique guitar arrangements in this songbook, you can "sit in" and play along with your favorite artists!

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Petersburg, Russia in December of The complete Nutcracker has enjoyed enormous popularity since the late s and is now performed by countless ballet companies, primarily during the Christmas season.

Gary Davis was a musical genius. His music and guitar playing spanned a century of different techniques, styles and ideas and touched on so many musical formats, i. In this series of four lessons Ernie Hawkins teaches fourteen of Rev. Davis's most requested and famous gospel guitar arrangements. Rare footage of Rev.

Davis playing many of the tunes taught in this collection is featured. Ernie gives you a detailed rundown of each arrangement, analyzing the structure and timing of each phrase, verse and chorus and then replaying everything slower on a split-screen with close-ups of both hands.

Standard notation Includes performance notes for each song! Tommy Emmanuel - All I Want For Christmas - Book A dozen songs matching the holiday album by this incredible fingerstyle guitarist are featured in this wonderful collection of arrangements with standard notation and tab.

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This collection features solo guitar renditions of 13 songs, some with two arrangements - one easy, the second more difficult. Innovative fingerpicking styles are used as well as slide guitar techniques. Regular and Open G tunings are also featured. Tom Feldmann - Bottleneck Gospel Guitar - DVD Many southern blues musicians performed and recorded gospel songs; spirituals or church songs as they were called.

Clayborn, strictly adhered to a religious message earning them the handle "guitar evangelists", while others, like Fred McDowell and Charlie Patton, blurred the socially imposed lines and mingled gospel with the blues. Clayborn and Charlie Patton.

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Each player offers a distinct style and Tom breaks down their techniques allowing you to imitate the masters as well as build a repertoire of classic bottleneck gospel blues. In addition the original old recordings of all the tunes are included. Peabody Conservatory trained guitarist Steven Herron is available to answer your questions and make recommendations that will help you become a better guitarist!

On this easy exploration for novice players, May Flower teaches some tunings that will help you play beautiful sounding songs and instrumentals almost immediately!

A Beginner's Guide with Step-by-Step Instruction and 18 Great Worship Songs to Learn and Play

An expert player and an experienced instructor, May helps you work out well-known songs and instrumentals for each tuning. She starts with a simple one - dropping the bass E string to D - and teaches a basic but lovely fingerpicking version of the folk hymn "I'll Fly Away".

You'll then learn how to get into open G, G6, D and D minor tunings. Along the way Mary shows how to embellish your guitar work using various chord positions, scales, harmony lines, hammer-ons, pull-offs and other essential techniques.

With this book you get lyrics, chord frames, strumming patterns and a full-band CD so you can hear how each song sounds.

tab books music guitar christian

Then you can play along when you're ready! Bands can use the printed music and chord charts to play live together, and members can rehearse at home with the CD tracks. The eight songs in each volume follow a similar theme for easy set selection, and the straight-forward arrangements are perfect for bands of any level.

The CDs are playable on any CD player, and also enhanced so Mac and PC users can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing pitch to learn the songs at their own pace.

The eight songs in each volume follow a similar theme for easy set selection, and the straightforward arrangements are perfect for bands of any level. Whether beginner or intermediate you will learn to pick in the distinctive "Hurt" style and build a large repertoire of classic gospel country blues.

Peter Huttlinger - Hymns For Guitar - DVD Traditional hymns with their resonant melodies, rich harmonic structures, and deep messages of faith and inspiration, have been joyfully passed down through the ages. Guitar virtuoso and renowned teacher Pete Huttlinger has taken seven carefully chosen pieces and arranged them for intermediate fingerstyle guitarists.

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These beautiful songs of faith can be played in family gatherings, worship services, solo performances or in any other setting. Pete shows you how to find the melody notes, then works through the chord inversions, harmony lines, bass tones and other elements that fill out the instrumental arrangement.

Many of these songs are set in dropped D tuning to bring out the sonority of the guitar's bass strings. Each one explores a different "feel," from a Travis steady-thumb style tune with jazz-like chords to a gorgeous Celtic melody played in both fingerstyle and flatpick versions.

Hymns For Classical Guitar - Book 25 songs of worship arranged by various guitarists for solo guitar. From classical guitar style arrangements to spirited country fingerpicking tunes, you will be treated to a wide variety of styles, techniques, and approaches for arranging and playing gospel songs and holiday melodies! These songs are written in both standard notation as well as tablature so that everyone can enjoy learning, playing and performing them for family and friends!

These lush arrangements sound full and intricate yet are fully accessible to all levels of playing. Grab your acoustic guitar, a cozy spot near the fireplace, and enjoy these sounds of the Christmas season. Adrian Legg explores nine of his most popular instrumentals, teaching some of the devices that he has pioneered to achieve his thrilling sound.

His easy but inventive arrangement of "Silent Night" in open D tuning gets you off to an enjoyable start. Moving to open G, he introduces you to one of his trademark devices, his use of banjo tuners on the guitar his preferred brand is the one designed and manufactured by Bill Keith.

The Contemporary Christian Collection (Easy Guitar with Tab)

Teaching his composition "Born Again Idle", he shows how he uses the tuners to generate key changes and startling melodic effects. You'll learn how to imitate the sound of the pedal steel guitar with string bends and moving chord blocks, using these sounds on an arrangement of "Auld Lang Syne". Double-string bends give us yet another powerful sound on the lovely Celtic-sounding "Norah Handley's Waltz". Another of Adrian Legg's tricks is the use of partial capos, which are cut down so that they only cover three or four strings, leaving the rest open.

Adrian then shows you his spectacular show stopper "Brooklyn Blossom", played in banjo frailing style with multiple pull-offs.

10.000 Reasons - Matt Redman - Tab Playthrough / Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial

Finally, you'll learn "Pace Doc" in standard tuning, a traditional-sounding fingerpicking tune full of tricky hammers, bends and chord shapes. Learn the basic chords and a variety of strums and fingerpicks that will work with all of your favorite songs. Learn vocal techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, singing from the mask and more.

Other topics include learning lyrics, embellishing chords, playing slash chords and improvising guitar fills. Jake Reichbart - Plays Jazz Guitar Christmas - Book and DVD An excellent holiday collection of ten stylish "performance ready" fingerstyle chord melody solo arrangements of Christmas favorites in standard notation and tablature by Jake Reichbart, one of the busiest freelance guitarists in the business!

This unique package also includes an instructional DVD featuring Jake performing and teaching each arrangement. The book includes access to videos online for download or streaming using the unique code in the book.

Each piece has four different parts with separate pages for guitar and C-instrument parts. As well as being a joy to play, Spence's arrangements have valuable lessons for any guitarist. They are master classes in how to fingerpick in waltz time and capture the rolling Caribbean rhythms of Trinidad, Cuba and New Orleans! His separation of bass and treble and the parallel voicings of his melody lines, teach interesting ways of harmonizing fingerstyle improvisations.

And his unorthodox technique and brilliant improvisations break down old habits and make one approach the guitar from a unique and fresh perspective! Each solo provides important insights into the guitar including fingerstyle techniques, harmony lines, moving basses, alternate chord shapes, variations on a theme and more.

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