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The City Of Bones ebook starts on New Year’s Day; a dog digs up a bone in Laurel Canyon outside of the city of LA.​ Cassandra Clare provided this excellent trilogy for us check the site for the other two books!​ Download City Of Bones Book PDF [PDF] [ePub] or you can purchase the. Well, this is a book urban-fantasy book series written by Cassandra Clare and one of the famous books from the series is the City of Bones. 3SdF6NhYg - Read and download Cassandra Clare's book City of Bones in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

The novel is set in modern day New York City and has been released in several languages, including Bulgarian, Hebrew, Polish and Japanese.

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Clary goes to the pandemonium club with her best friend, Simon Lewis, where she sees a blue haired boy and a black haired girl sneak into a storeroom, pursued by two other boys; one armed with what appears to be a knife. When she returns home, her mother, Jocelyn, scolds her for staying out so late.

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Clary, upset by the unexpected move, confides in Simon that she knows almost nothing about her mother or her entire family. They go to a poetry reading where Clary sees Jace, one of the boys from the previous night, who privately tells Clary about demon-hunters, called Shadowhunters or Nephilim, and claims Clary is not a mundane ordinary human. The call ends abruptly.

Cassandra Clare — City of Bones

After failure to phone back, Clary returns to her house and finds it in disarray, and her mother gone. The three hide inside the store. Luke returns with two men, Pangborn and Blackwell, whom Valentine sent to interrogate Luke about the Mortal Cup: a talisman sought by both parties.

Clary and Jace go to the Silent City to speak to the Silent Brothers, who tell them that a block in her mind prevents her from remembering the Shadow World; itself placed by a warlock named Magnus Bane.

City Of Bones

Isabelle meanwhile has been given an invitation to a party hosted by Magnus. Vampires take him away thinking Simon was one of their own; but Clary and Jace rescue him, and restore him to human form.

Clary retrieves the Cup, but the demon Abaddon has possessed Madame Dorothea and is disguised as her, as he attempts to take it. Aided by Simon, they escape and return to the Institute where Hodge hands over the Cup and an unconscious Jace to Valentine.

City of Bones [PDF][Epub][Mobi] – By Cassandra Clare

Hodge flees, pursued by Clary. Hodge attacks her in an alleyway, but she is unexpectedly saved by Luke, who is a werewolf. Jace refuses, and Valentine escapes through a portal with the Cup, smashing the portal behind him.

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