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Lundin theme about, why don't you review the book Fish! By Stephen C. Lundin to enrich your discussion? Review. Here's another. Read Online Fish Download PDF EPUB KINDLE Download Fish EBOOK Book Free to Register Best Book Fish Online Popular PDF. Fish. Fish PDF TagsOnline PDF Fish, Read PDF Fish, Full PDF Fish, All Ebook Fish, PDF and EPUB Fish, PDF ePub Mobi Fish, Reading PDF Fish, Book PDF.

Books, Audiobooks and Summaries. What can a fish market teach you about management? At least that what she thinks until she stumbles upon the Pike Place Fish Market.

pdf stephen fish book lundin

There she learns the inspiring management philosophy that might change her life! We recommend this entertaining, easy to read and even easier to remember book to all managers, students, change agents, executives, and staff members.

Stephen C. Lundin is a writer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur who runs a corporate membership seminar series for the Institute for Creativity and Innovation at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis.

Harry Paul is a bestselling author and a senior vice president with the Ken Blanchard Companies. He has more than three decades of experience in management and consulting. Mary Jane Ramirez is a mother and a wife who lives in Southern California, who, after her husband gets a dream job offer in Seattle, moves there with her family.

Soon after, Mary Jane lands a great job in the new city as well.

Everyone is happy. One day, during her work hours, Mary Jane gets a phone call that her husband is in a hospital. Luckily, her career goes well — her team enjoys an excellent reputation, and everyone respects her. However, the team she is in charge of is the operations group on the third floor, a group of unpleasant, slow and negative employees.

Five weeks go by, and Mary Jane has a hard time. She understands how that floor got its reputation. Nevertheless, she refused to give up. She came up to the conclusion that most of them were there because of security, benefits or salary.


While she was thinking all of those things, her boss called to ask her if she has solved the third-floor problem. He asked her to go for a meeting to discuss it. Mary Jane did not know what she was going to say to that meeting, but she decided to think about it later and go for lunch. Instead of going to the usual place the cafeteriaMary Jane decided to walk to the fish market.

The next thing Mary Jane was aware of was a giant fish salmon flying through the air. Mary Jane had to wonder what she had stumbled upon. She was surprised and delighted by the energy in that place. Lonnie listened to her and then told her that working at the fish market saved his life. Then, he told her that he could teach her the secret that transformed the place.

If she wanted to know more, she had to return, since he had customers waiting to be served. Secret Number One: Attitude 2. Secret Number Two: Play! Secret Number Four: Be Present.

What if you could read 3 books per day?

The second time Mary Jane went to the fish market along with her children. Lonnie made them enjoy themselves, while actively involving them in work. After a while, Mary Jane realized that the second secret was to play. Customers should feel good about the environment, and the way to do that was to engage them. The fourth secret, just as the third one, is customer-centered as well.

Employees should always be present, aware of the moment and fully engaged in the work they do.

lundin fish book pdf stephen

They should pay attention to the customers. Like this summary?

It is no doubt one of the most influential and remarkable books we have read on the topic of change management. PT ES. Enter your phone number, and you'll receive a link from us to download 12min. Learn more and more, in the speed that the world demands. Take this summary with you and read anywhere!

Download PDF:. Start learning at the speed of today's world. Website language:. What if you could read 3 books per day?

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  2. Fish! will be one of the most influential books you read all year. About the Authors​. Stephen C. Lundin, runs a corporate membership seminar series for the Institute​.


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