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Freakangel - The Book Of Violence OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO Full version: http://​ #freakangel #frkngl #howtheghostbecame #. The album The Book of Violence of Freakangel is here. Come enjoy at KKBOX! Live album Freakangel to be launched simultaneously on Bandcamp + Youtube in early October: 'The Show Of Violence'. By Bernard Van.

Until recently I was somehow neglecting this band and then came the DWA compilation and their newest cd via Alfa Matrix … So time for a chat and for a revelation for me: they are from Estonia! Freakangel is just a game of words Its combination of something ugly and something beautiful It shows that no one is perfect and that we all have our dark secrets It's great to see that listeners can hear the difference and that they like it There are always people who will never accept anything new and will continue on barking about first album being cooler than anything released after it.

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I love the artwork of the album, can you tell us more about it? How important is artwork for you?

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Thank You. Artwork and concept of the album means a lot to me.

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Because first of all You see the artwork and then You get the music. So we always try to bring something special that will somehow describe what is this album about.

of violence freakangel the youtube book

You had to make 2 versions of your recent video clip. Did you expect it? What was the real problem of YouTube? We were curious about it, yes. I mean I have seen videos being removed from YouTube because of nudity So yeah It was like our plan B Video is always a good thing.

Would be great to remix almost any track by Alice Cooper. Why? Because this dude rocks!

Because it shows all the changes that You would like to bring with music. As I said before about the artwork This video was done with a big help from our IndieGoGo backers Thank You, guys!

Is that fair to you or do you see more into other bands? Who did influence you? There is no secret to be told I like MM's music since Antichrist Superstar Motionless In White or Chelsea Grin for example.

The Book of Violence

About electro bands I think I'm getting a bit depressed about what is happening in this scene How did you decide on the sound for the new album? This album was done as a band. Everyone in Freakangel was working on it. Who writes the lyrics and decided about them for this album? Any thoughts about them?


I write lyrics The Book Of Violence is about our life. About weakness that takes human lives How was it to work with Javi Ssagittar? Javi is a great guy and a real pro. I have been working as remixer for one of his songs so we knew each other before for quite some time. Pete is a wonderful person and working with him is a great experience.

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This guy is also a total pro. And this is not our first co work with him How hard is it nowadays to get enough gigs and paid out for gigs? It's all about being active and about understanding that Russian promoters can't pay You as much as promoters in Germany for example Jamie is a nicest guy ever and working with bands that are located on his label is a quite nice experience I kinda really seldom tell him that I am not available for remixing works Mostly I am always there to help.

Who do you want to remix artist, song and why? There is no such thing as a goal You just need to go forward and forward through all the shit that life sends. There is no end.

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How is touring so far? I read that you played recently twice in Estonia? Can you tell us something about Estonia? We are from Estonia Any last words?

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Hope to see You all on the road one day! Directed, edited and filmed by D.

Freakangel - The Book Of Violence (Official Video)

Darling himself. I had been playing guitar a long time before Schaltkreis and owned some effects.

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You just released a new album, how are the reactions so far? Any specific book in mind? Great bands! Nothing else to add You also featured on the DWA remixes compilation.


How did that work out? For the rest: it's a cruel world Don't know To be true I do not care that much about remixes being done on my music Would be great to remix almost any track by Alice Cooper. Because this dude rocks! How is it to bring out music on the A. Matrix label? Read demo policy on www. Do you know already at which great festivals you will play the next months?

John Foxx released his second 7' 40 years ago! M, talks about the years of experience and his coming book.

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