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Networks & Systems. Network Analysis. Transmission Lines and Networks.

The concepts are explained clearly and easy to understand. The book is great for circuit analysis in which solved examples are explained step-by-step. Automatic Control Systems by B.

[PDF] GATE 2021 Syllabus & Paper Pattern – ECE

Kuo is a comprehensive book, which covers all the topics lucidly. The book consists of several diagrams and illustrations to understand the concepts of control systems better. The book is amazing and almost all students and readers like this book for preparing GATE and other exams. It covers most of the topics that aren't found in many books in a simple way.

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There are a lot of problems for practice which gives complete clarity of concepts. This book is a well-respected reference textbook in the field of communication systems engineering. Each chapter always begins with an introduction, which links the previous chapter and numerous objective self-test questions are included in each chapter which acts as a self-check of the concepts presented. The ultimate book for basic understanding and approaching problems.

For GATE exam preparation, this book enough.

What are the best books for GATE EC?

Thoroughly explained the proofs of concepts and the number of solved examples. The primary reasons to use this book is because it contains a lot of practice questions, some of which come with the hints needed for solving problems. The book also contains solved problems. Numerous examples have been used throughout the book to illustrate the concepts and problem-solving techniques.

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This book gives the students or candidates a good idea about the kind of questions asked in these exams. The GATE application has begun!


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