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Gu Family Book Episode 13 Recap. The episode starts with Kang Chi narrating events: his heart-to-heart with Soon Shin and Soon Shin asking. Gu Family Book. ; 1 Season; TV-Y7; drama, martial arts. A man who's half monster searches for an ancient book containing the secret to becoming human. GU FAMILY BOOK (Episode 13). The episode opens with Choi Kang Chi revealing his reasons why he wants to become a complete human.

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She claims she will train him but her father is worried that she will let him slack. But Yeo Wool explains that Gon and Kang Chi are not always in good terms and most of the time ends up in a fight. Yeo Wool drops a sack of beans beside Kang Chi. She tells him she will train him together with Gon.

She adds that as a requirement to help him become human, he must count the number of beans inside the sack. How can you stop the wind from blowing? And this fact might hurt both Kang Chi and Yeo Wool. Since Kang Chi lost count, he recounts the beans. While doing so, Yeo Wool continues to talk to Kang Chi and suggests to find out about his mom. Jo Kwan Woong tries to please his guests who are obviously very important because they are talking about acquisitions.

Back at the academy, Kang Chi is still counting the beans when he felt something. He sensed something scary from the mountains. He handed him a pouch owned by Park Moo Sol. Kang Chi continues with his counting when he hears a little noise.

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He sees Yeo Wool asleep. Then she suddenly falls from her seat. Kang Chi catches him and lets her rest in his shoulders. Thinking she is sleeping, Kang Chi answers her questions about his parents. He thanked Yeo Wool for asking him.

Unknown to him, Yeo Wool is awake. Park Tae Seo is contemplating on his mission when Kang Chi calls him. The two are having a good talk. Kang Chi explains his body burns all over and he has become oversensitive hearing multiple sounds at the same time.

Tae Seo asks him if he remembers who he is when in that form. Then he blurted out of the blue that Yeo Wool has been a big help to him.

book ep 13 gu family

Kang Chi shares that even after she saw him change, she wasn't disgusted and helped him remember his name. He adds that it is strange to find his heart always at ease and his pain and anger subsides when he is with Yeo Wool. Tae Seo tells him that he must be in love to which he agrees but when he realizes what the former just said, he retracted his answer.

In their conversation, Tae Seo tells Kang Chi not to be obligated anymore about him or his sister, Chung Jo, adding all the sacrifices Kang Chi made for the Park family is enough to make Tae Seo grateful to him forever.

ep 13 family book gu

Yeo Wool searches for Kang Chi who is not in his room when she overhears other teachers and students talking about Kang Chi and their eagerness to have him kick out of the school.

In the forest, the mysterious man targets his prey while at the Choong Hwa Gwan, Chung Jo gets to learn the five drum dance. Wol San gets jealous because she thinks she deserves to learn the art than Chung Jo. Seung delivers the bad news that three dead bodies were found dead in the mountains. Brothers at the academy confront Choi Kang Chi. Yeo Wool tries to stop it thru his father but the latter refuses saying he could only stop it temporarily and the only solution is for Kang Chi to earn their trust.

The brothers ask Kang Chi of his whereabouts the previous nights following the deaths of three persons in the forest. But Kang Chi refuses to answer because he knows they are suspecting him. He adds that whatever he says will sound like an excuse that the brothers will not believe.

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He also stress to the brothers that he is used to such horrible treatment. When the master asks him of his whereabouts, Kang Chi stops and tells that he will leave. Just as he turns his back, the master tells him that if Kang Chi wants to stay for a long time with Yeo Wool, he must learn how to get along with others in the academy.

Kang Chi asks him to keep it a secret especially to Yeo Wool. In the evening, Choi Kang Chi leaves the premises of the academy. Unknown to him, a brother follows him in the forest. But while running after Kang Chi, brother Kim sees a red-eyed growling creature in the forest. In the middle of the night, Sujong gets a surprise visitor — Wol Ryung. One of the brothers even stops eating and leaves the room when he sees Kang Chi.

Yeo Wool, meanwhile, unveils a box of hanbok. She gets excited seeing it. Then he invites Choi Kang Chi to accompany her to the village to hang up a wishing lantern for the festival.

Kang Chi returns to his task to count the beans when he receives a guest, the assistant of Chung Jo. She tells him that Chung Jo will be presented in a parade as the flower gisaeng for the lantern festival.

Indeed, Chung Jo has been chosen to be the flower gisaeng. Kang Chi runs towards the village town hoping to see Chung Jo. He was able to catch the tail of the parade and followed it until Chung Jo and the rest of the gisaengs arrive at the Hundred Year Inn. Just before Chung Jo enters the gate, he calls her.

Chung Jo heard him and searched for him. But as soon as she found him, Chung Jo turns her back on him. Kang Chi approaches her.

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But the lady in front of him is a coldhearted gisaeng who tells him if he wants to see her, he must come to the Choon Hwa Gwan. The villagers are busy with the lantern festival. She is waiting for Kang Chi in front of the village restaurant for hours. Meanwhile, Kang Chi has been pondering for some time in front of the Hundred Year Inn over what he just witnessed.

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On his way back to the academy, a group of children carrying lanterns pass by. Yeo Wool is losing hope. She thinks that Kang Chi might have forget her when she suddenly sees from a far the man she has been waiting for — Kang Chi! To whom will this lantern festival date become more meaningful — is it Yeo Wool or is it Kang Chi? No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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  1. Quarrels occur when Yeo Wool takes charge of training Kang Chi; dead bodies that appear in the forest cause people to doubt Kang Chi.

  2. Gu Family Book: Episode by girlfriday. There's so much cuteness today. Plotwise, the episode itself is almost filler, because it's a lot of fallout.


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