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Contents. This book has 96 full color pages. It has the rules and background for every High Elf unit. There is a section with painted. Hello there, and welcome to the 8th edition High Elves handbook. This handbook assumes you're making a competitive army. army. One of the few things that is conspicuously absent from the High Elves' book is a cheap. cavosboig.site › /03 › warhammer-high-elve.

It also lessens the gap between them and their subordinate Sea Guard rather than the sudden jump they get.

Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th Edition

Or maybe they should be Unbreakable, unless it is that they forsee that they break and flee from a combat. Either that or make it possible to use him on foot, in which Dragon Kin does apply unless he attacks the dragon. Well Bow of Avelorn is already S4 so it penetrates armour as well as other bows and it's easier to wound with it. Mages can already take dragons due to Dragon Mages, and none of the other options really is really fit a non-combat character.


Dark Elves will still be able to have Dragons for their High Sorceress though due to having a designated model for it. You are right, I was thinking purely of 6th, my mistake. In 7th ed they got an arch mage option for Dragon kit as well. I will be adding back that option so it will be playable for the people with that build.

You appear to have based the merwyrm on the Storm of Magic rules but more modern ones appeared in Forge World, though with some weirdness that I assume is due to sloppiness on the writers part.

Units with Immunity Ice Attacks are unaffected by this rule. Yeah, but the Forge World rules are for different types of Merwyrm that inhabitat different parts of the ocean.

Forge World stat lines are also all over the place, which is why I chose to keep it closer to the Storm of Chaos rules. I don't think they had, but it was most likely possible to give the mages dragon mounts back then. Good work! As always! I have one doubt or maybe its a mistake: the repeater bolthrower special rule has been deleted from the elven bolt thrower?

I have realised about two more bugs: - The fast calvary rule of tiranoc chariots is not writeen in the army list profile. Plus, I have the next doubt: "In 9th rulebook, when a character mount a monster page 68 it says the rider can not combine the armour, ward saves and regeneration with the monster It is right? Its useless.

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Hi, -Why no Unicorn mount for mages? He was the Swordmasters High Command, appears in page talking near Tyrion.

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The character was created by Toumas Pirinnen for 5th edition. Orcs an Bretonnia get a news units of bestial cavalry with the AoS mega boars and the hyppo griffon knights. Thanks 4 the job!!

High Elves 8th Edition Army Book

I will add it in. I might do a small expansion for previous Phoenix Kings and heroes later on though, as I have a lot of different rules for them lying around. High Elves have never used halberds for their core units from what I've seen. Including Dragon Riders for anything but the War of the Beard and earlier would break that background. However, the models could still be used as Warriors instead.

Even in the War of Vengeance, Dragon riders weren't very common. Less than a dozen are listed in the series. This is a little out there, but what about a 4 horse 4 crew chariot.

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My elven attack chariots would love it. Also, the mordheim SW have shields too. Not at all something that matters. But since you do a great job of accommodating old models and the subject came up Of course by the mordheim model logic they should also get a musician ok I guess and a standard kind of dumb. Correct me in a I'm wrong, but I believe the 4-horse chariot belonged to Wood Elves? True, I forgot about the Mordheim models also having shields, and full command.

I guess I can add it in, the 4th ed Shadow Warriors also had bows and quivers as part of their model, which would make them ill fit to be used as warriors who lack that option. But the 4 horse chariot is for sure in the 3rd edition list.

Warhammer High Elves Book Hardcover B1212

The high elves even had sea elf wardancers. On the mordhim shadow warriors, those are some pretty forgettable models. In 4th edition the sea guard can take halberds, one of the models that usually gets called a Phoenix guard even has a fish helmet. There is no need to make any changes to accommodate that one rank and file model though.

Just a pointless bit of trivia. Hi, First love the book! Some discrepancy with the Ld values of the Tiranoc Chariots however Ld9 in Bestiary Ld8 in Army Roster.

What was I hoping to see in the book?

Sorry for bothering you. There is something very important missing. The 8th ed ravening hordes for empire and high elves. Handmaidens of tje everqueen lost their quick to fire? They should have it for 21pts light infantry. Awesome work. I love it!!!

No worries, I will have those out as soon as I can. People have mostly been requesting the full books to be finished, so that's why that ahve been pushed back a bit :.

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Oh, and I will also fix the Quick to Fire bug, they should still have it. Other than that absolutely loving the new book, great work! I have considered that, I think on it. Glad you like it! Parrying would be represented by WS. The special rule exists because WS wouldn't normally influence a BS roll. The Mistweaver do not have a lore attribute as they only use those 3 spells, similar to Lord Kroak who only knows one spell.

Should not take too long to finish it, I'll hopefully have it out next month :. Consider to remove the arachnid they Really dont fit to the fluff and Style of DE and all monstrous cavalry from elves.

Would make them even more Unique. Lore of metal an geaven for DE!! I am considering that, yes. What Monstrous cavalry do any of the Elves have though? Well we could have Caledor Drake riders and Chracian White lion riders, units of Eagle riders, Elves riding elemental beings That would be one of my wet dreams. Almost all armies have a unit of monstrous cavalry from 8th edition or Age of Sigmar.

While I am not planning on including any of those units in the main book, I don't have an issue making them available in an expansion later :. Why not to include Finubar?

He is the actual Phoenix King and Its model is easy to represent.

elf edition high book 8th army

He never had any official rules or model, which is what I have chosen to include in these books. However, I have some unofficial rules available for him that I will publish later :. Well, the archers can already choose between those options. The Spearmen have always been pretty well armoured which is why they have medium armour by default.

The archers on the other come with none current plasticslight 4th ed plastics and medium 5th ed metals. They have been changed into the Handmaiden unit instead.

book 8th high army elf edition

The Hero really did not add anything except the Quick to Fire rule to their unit, which the Handmaiden unit have by default. Isn't the Handmaiden unit just a more elite version of the Sisters though? The fluff also mentions that they only numberwhich is probably too few to make a unit as opposed to a character. Yes, they are, but there was a whole unit made for them with full command. Even if they only number aroundthat's still enough to field as a bodyguard in both the game and in the fluff.

Hello Mathias Been waiting for this book, even though I don't play high elves. Great work as always. Done my first read-through of the rules and some of the fluff, and here re some thoughts, few mistakes found and so on. The usual deal pretty much in that sense.

People might miss it or consider it just fluff otherwise. The rules state you can only have one ward save on a character. How does it work if for example Archaon chares and attacks with 10 attacks in practice for example?

He is the rediced to beyone 1 wound in a single phase, does he still get the saves and on top of the regular saves as well? Or does it only start to apply if the Elf survives with one wound left at the end of that phase and also replace his regular ward save?

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  1. Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/High Elves As of new Army book however they are better shots than archers while only being 3 points more.

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