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If your old photos are all that's keeping you on Facebook, here's how to get them. If you've been using Facebook regularly for years, don't forget to back it up. You'll be surprised how much data you have on the social network. This wikiHow teaches you how to save a Facebook picture onto your computer, phone, or tablet. You must have a Facebook account to do so. Keep in mind that​.

IF you have decided to wipe off embarrassing Facebook photos we show you how to save and download them first.

How to Download ALL Photos from Facebook

Facebook makes it possible to scoop up all of your snaps in one go, although the feature isn't exactly obvious. So before you kill the app and delete your Facebook accountyou'll need to download your Facebook pics first. Facebook has an archive feature that lets you download all your Facebook data.

The important point is that this folder will contain all of your photos that you've ever uploaded to Facebook unless you've deleted them.

How to get your photos off Facebook and delete your account

Sadly, if you've got nice high-quality photos on Facebook, they'll be massively downgraded during the download. If you want to download the original high-resolution snaps, you're stuck — Facebook doesn't offer this, and it really sucks.

Once the next screen appears select Start My Archive. You'll get an email when it's ready to download. When you receive the email with the title, Your Facebook download is ready, click the link provided.

How To Download Your Facebook Photos

Download the zip file of data from your profile and select a location for it to go on your computer. In the future, if you're uploading photos to Facebook, make sure to keep copies stored on your phone or computer to avoid having them ruined by Facebook's compression software.

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How to Transfer Facebook Photos to your New Account

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  1. Timeline (Profile). I want all of my FB photos to be on my computer instead. Asked about 4 years ago by Jasmine. 77 Votes · 6 Followers · Seen by 13,

  2. The first step of this process begins in the Facebook app. Specifically, you need to download all of your photos on your Facebook account to a.

  3. This can be any photo you can view on Facebook, no matter whether yours, a friend's, or a complete stranger's that has made their photos public.

  4. Many people use Facebook as a giant photo gallery. In , Facebook revealed that users had uploaded more than billion photos. So before you kill the app​.


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