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All along, when it comes to transferring files to the iPhone or iPad, we think of iTunes. Admittedly, iTunes is a good software that can help us. If you have downloaded some ePub books on to your computer to read offline, you may also want to read them on the go using your iPhone or iPad. No extra apps. The easiest solution without using third-party software is still emailing the book. Also you can download them with iTunes to Documents by Readdle (free) or.

Unlike other apps iBooks is not a stock iOS app and requires users to download it from the App Store where it is available for free.

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Even though it is not a stock application iBooks still requires users to use iTunes if they want to transfer books or PDF files to it. Thankfully there are ways you can use to transfer books to iBooks app on your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes. This step is much simpler than connecting your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer and then performing multiple steps in order to transfer a PDF or book to iOS device.

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Another way of transferring to iBooks without using iTunes is through Dropbox. All you have to do is upload the file to your Dropbox account and follow rest of the steps below.

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Remember you will need to have Dropbox app installed on your iOS device. Apart from Dropbox there are several other sharing services as well that have their iOS apps.

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You can also try them to see if this workaround is available through them or not. If you have any other way using which we could avoid using iTunes in order to transfer files to iBooks then let us know in the comments section below. Subscribe to our channel. Many of us carry important conversations on WhatsApp.

How to Transfer eBooks to iPhone and iPad without iTunes

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  1. With the advent of iBooks on the Mac with OS X Mavericks, there is no longer a way to sync epub books in this way.​ Address an email to yourself, and attach the epub file you want to open on your iPad or iPhone.​ Send yourself the attachment, and then go grab your iOS device.

  2. You had to use one of Apple's proprietary cables to connect your iPhone or iPad with a PC and sync the ebooks between the iTunes “Books”.

  3. Click the "Add Contents" option to copy books from the computer to your iPad. You can import one or more PDFs at one time. How to transfer.


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