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In , with his book “Ten Apples Up on Top!,” Seuss began collaborating with illustrators for books he wrote. For these, he used the pseudonym. Great for Dr. Suess Day on March 2nd or a Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday Party. This seussable round-up is perfect for the occasion! #drseuss #crafts Dr. Seuss Crafts plus Creative Dr. Seuss recipes and Recipes Pin to Pinterest Are 33+ Dr. Seuss Crafts and Activities + The Best Dr. Seuss Books to Time to search. Great for Dr. Suess Day on March 2nd or a Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday Party. 33+ Dr. Seuss Crafts and Activities + The Best Dr. Seuss Books to.

Madison Tollett 1 The thneeds. Where did the little girl get the idea for the painting? Everything in our environment is beautiful we just don't take a moment to realize it.

Instead we become blind by our surroundings. Jessica Gallardo 1. Which parts of the text did you focus on? Why did you pay particular attention to these parts?

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The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss is a light-hearted but cautionary tale with a viewed from one perspective, the different species in an ecosystem are like parts of a delicate, but cut down a tree that upsets the Lorax, this just draws his attention. What questions were you asking as you read? Do you think the Lorax and his friends will come back if new Truffula Trees grow?

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Where do you think they have been? What images were you forming as you read? Imagine you are a little girl watching The Lorax. What do you learn from it? You discover that even if you are deeply worried about the pressing issues of the world. What were the purposes of these images? The purpose of the images in the Lorax is educational purposes, and a man whose activities abused the environment and pollution, habitat.

This story has a wonderful environmental message for both adults and children. What theme do you take away from this poem? What I take from the story of The Lorax is that the Once-ler is actually a good person at heart. Cristian Rayas 1 When the once-lers are cutting down all the Truffula trees. Then the Lorax sends them away in order for them to search for food in another land while the once-lers watch sadly.

It shows depression throughout there's no food and the other workers are forced to bring conflict. The sky turns from blue to black, water polluted due the factory representing evil 6 Man and the natural world.

All this terror is caused by industrial waste. I agree with the them you chose. I see that in the poem we have two opposing forces nature and humankindeach pushing to survive. Once-ler seeks money and uses the natural resources without thinking that he is destroying the wildlife's habitats. Once-ler has the power and technology to take down the trees, but on the other side, we have the animals and the rest of nature without a voice and no way of being protected.

The Lorax tried to stop Once-ler, but he wasn't strong enough. Viridiana S. Then he grunts, "I will call you by Whisper-ma-Phone, for the secrets I tell you are for your ears alone. Down slupps the Whisper-ma-Phone to your ear and the old Once-ler's whispers are not very clear, since they have to come down through a snergelly hose, and he sounds as if he had smallish bees up his nose.

Because it was hilariously funny. Me thinks me fellow students are taking this one too seriously. Why have I not been reading Dr. Suess my entire adult life? It could provide laughter in times of great strife. I love Christian Rayas's answer to this one. Very cool. The truffula trees.

Because the Onceler's description was vivid and did please. Rows and rows of beautiful green topped trees. You are crazy with greed. The Onceler's audacity reminds me of a line from "A Far Cry from Africa" about man inflicting his will through pain. Doug Trimmer. Protect it from axes that hack. Where did the lorax go?

For Dr. Seuss, Nonsensical Rhymes Came with a Reason

The forest empty with no truffula trees left. I had feeling the truffula trees were limited and had to come to an end sooner or later, and sure enough they did. Do you really think all of the Truffula trees disappeared, or just in that area? Perhaps the Lorax left to a place where there were Truffula trees.

I mean, where else would everyone go? I kept paying attention to how Dr. Suess managed to create new words that fit right in place with other words he needed to rhyme with later on in the story. It's as if he planned all of this out before actually writing it.

That's particularly what I'm wondering.

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Did he create these words before writing the story or as he was writing the story and just happen to fit everything into place, or did he have an outline and plan how everything was going to be written and rhymed?

Other than that, I focused on how the Once-ler was kinda a dick. Everyone was kinda just hanging out, being chill and enjoying life- as one does- and then this Once-ler guy comes out of nowhere and decides he wants to impose capitalism and free enterprise onto this paradise. I mean, I'm no commie in any way shape or form. I've served 5 years for this country, but the way this Once-ler guy makes it seem is kinda apalling.

Man, where did this guy come from? Who does he think he is? What made him think he could just go about giving people Thneeds? That's like even the hardest word to pronounce ever. If he was going to market some kind of product, couldn't he come up with a better name?

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What a jerk. I hate this Once-ler guy. And oh man, what really got me goin' was when this guy makes it seem like he's the victim at the end.

8 things you didn’t know about Dr. Seuss

Stupid jerk can't even right his own wrong though he had the seed that entire time. It really made me feel like we all have the power to fix or change things you know? I chopped just one tree. This part caught my attention because it is how all people are. It's like driving, when you start everyone drives the speed limit, but then you get comfortable and get a speeding ticket.

Just like the once-ler he got comfortable and said hey this is easy money but not thinking about others. How is Dr. Seuss able to make a kids book and make it rhyme but he about real world problems?!?!?! The boom in technology in London, the oil spills, cutting forest for businesses.

The thoughts and perceptions of an aspiring writer on life and the world around her

These are real problems happening. We cut miles of trees and birds have to leave and the same with the pollution Pasadena in the air, and the spills in the ocean BP 6.

In order for change to happen someone has to take action and demand for change. Benjamin Rosales.

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I focused on the story line of the poem. I also paid attention to the syntax of the poem. The lines where short and to the point and there was a lot of repetition and rhymes.

These parts of the poem made it feel like it was very fast paced and made the poem more enjoyable to read. I also think the style of the poem allowed the reader to see how fast things were changing as the other ambitious character kept growing his business and destroying the environment. He was taking resources faster than he could replenish them and he ended up with nothing, 3.

If there were no resources left, then how was he able to survive? When I was reading this poem I was actually thinking about how much damage we have done to our planet. Just like in the poem, our society is imposed to taking resources and using up more and more land without thinking twice about how we are affecting the wildlife. I could imagine the weakening and destruction of the food chain and the irreversible effects that could cause. Purpose: Collectively, we are harming our planet and using up the few resources that we have.

Instead of taking what we need and replacing it we are selfish and takes as much as we can until it runs out. The bigger problem here is of human selfishness. He did not see the harm he had caused until he finally realized that there was nothing left to take. The theme here is that man is working towards his own destruction.

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  1. Theodor Seuss "Ted" Geisel was an American children's author, political cartoonist, illustrator, poet, animator, screenwriter, and filmmaker. He is known for his work writing and illustrating more than 60 books under the A television film titled In Search of Dr. Seuss was released in , which adapted many of Seuss's.


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