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"Travellers 4/Churchyard Entertainment" "Afternoon Melodies" "Fields/Clouds"

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monk of meredith days albums book

Meredith Monk recently celebrated her 50th year as a performing artist with a series of concerts and residency at Carnegie Hall. One of the most unique and influential artists of our time, she is equally comfortable as a composer, singer, filmmaker, dancer and choreographer, working with vocal groups, music theatre, opera and symphony orchestras.

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Men, women and children glide about their daily tasks, stopping to answer sometimes tellingly anachronistic questions from 20th-century interviewers. A beautiful visual play of surfaces and textures, from brick to rough-plastered wall and from the luminous innocence that lights the girl's face to the canny innocence illuminating the face of the crone, played by Ms.

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It is knowingly acted by a cast that includes Toby Newman as the girl, Lucas Hoving as the old physician, Greger Hansen as a young monk and Wayne Hankin as the traveling storyteller. The screenplay was written by Ms.

days of monk albums book meredith

Monk and Tone Blevins.

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