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Posted: Jun 30, P-Jay - Facebook Love (Feat. Eud & Flav) K-POP Lyrics Song. “Facebook Love”, an uptempo track featuring rapper-singer Princess Eud and guest-starring Flav, touches upon the subject of social media lust—love that.

His very name conjures up an image of a tall, baby-faced figure sporting dark sunglasses. His voice is smooth, like the surface of a well-peeled orange or a newly-polished coffee table. He exudes confidence without coming across as especially self-absorbed.

They run in every forest, and in every wilderness. In the video, the artist is accompanied by a singer Phat G, and the Blonde Venus that is the subject of their mutual obsession appears, her heartlessness apparent from her nonchalant facial expression.

The stage name is P-Jay, but my real name is James Lamothe. Very simple guy, down-to-earth.

COM: Thank you…now…How did you get started in music? P-JAY: I started music at a very young age. COM: Pjay…Just how did you get that moniker? COM: Hah! When did you have your first performance? P-JAY: Honestly, it was terrible.

Worst performance ever…But I learned so much from it. Who are they? What do you like about them?

love link jay facebook p

That business mind allowed him to be who he is right now. Are you involved with the songwriting and production part of your musical career?

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Other than that, I do everything else. Just an amazing feeling. Most rappers are afraid to be honest when it comes to love. I enjoy every second of it, and [have] never been afraid to let my feelings out.


COM : There is this notion that the minute a guy plops his lips open and sings, his appeal grows three-folds. A guy-singer is the ultimate prize for some, so to speak.

The romantic aura and everything. P-JAY: Female admirers are the best fans.

Can I get a hug? What are your thoughts on this? I totally agree. I have experienced that so many times….

COM: A lot of a performers tend to take up a cause. P-JAY: I always did and always will. Maybe not a specific cause, but [have] always helped my own. COM: What have your parents said about your being in the music business? P-JAY: My parents always supported me from the get-go. COM: What are some of the things that you hope to accomplish over the course of your career?

P-JAY: Be a role model for these young kids.

P-Jay - Facebook Love (Feat. Eud & Flav)

Help as much as i can, put out a couple more albums—like three more, and put music on the side to focus on my kid and on being the best father I can be.

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Search for:. P-Jay had a convo with Kreyolicious. COM: Tell us about yourself. COM: What was it like?

COM: What makes a great love song? First Name. Last Name. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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