Service books for blackberry 9320 vs 9360

blackberry vs 9320 for books 9360 service

How to set up my BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) · How to reset a forgotten BlackBerry ID password on my BlackBerry Curve · How to find and change the. mms. java. browser, HTML, HTML. games, + Downloadable. sms, Threaded View​, Threaded View. phone book, Limited, Practically Unlimited. other facilities. Resend service books - BlackBerry Curve Read help info. If you have problems with the phone connections, resending the service books may help.

Log in or Sign up. Brightness Light Mode Dark Mode. Jump to page: tools. Introduction I wrote this guide because, every once in a while, someone asks in the forums whether the Bold will work without a BIS-enabled data plan.

9320 blackberry service for vs 9360 books

Quite often, the reply is that the device will be crippled without BIS. The Bold can be set up to use over wifi and with a regular data plan i. I try to keep the guide up to date, but I don't use all of the apps listed, so the thread relies on reports from other users. Optional Step Before you begin, you should consider installing the latest version of OS 7. You can download it by following the link here: O2 UK version.

For installation instructions, read post 47 of that thread. Alternative installation procedures using BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife can be found herehereand in post 3 of this thread. Here are the instructions. You will be able to make phone calls and send SMS text-only messages. Some carriers will push you the MMS service books and you'll be able to send picture messages. Others won't. Ask yours if they will enable MMS for you. If not, see post 10 for a simple workaround. See post 20 for a link to a complex solution for advanced users.

Fortunately, you can install many apps that work well using wifi or a regular data plan, without BIS, and which serve the same or similar functions as the BlackBerry apps. Here are the essentials: Email: LogicMail 2. Based on my experience, and that of others in this thread, Smartmail no longer works with SSL. Web Browser: Opera Mini 8.

BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G 9300 (

Alternatively, you can install the Anworm service books to get the built-in browser working over a data connection. See post 9 in this thread. Messengers: Whatsapp beta. Facebook Messenger, Kik and Viber no longer work, but see post 2 for an alternative Facebook messaging solution. Maps: Google Maps 4. For links to 4. See post 2 for more details. Podcasts: Podtrapper 2. Forum Readers: CB Forums 1. Available at BlackBerry World through a hidden link: see this thread.

The OTA apps are available via websites. For OTA apps, use a browser to search for and navigate to the download links, and click on the link to install.

Some of the OTA software is no longer supported by or available from the creator, but all of the apps listed above can be found online as of February If a download does not install using the BlackBerry browser, you may need to use Opera Mini to download the app. The usual warnings about downloading software from untrusted sources and compromising your device security apply. If you install apps from websites, you have to take responsibility for the potential results.

Over time, it will become more difficult to find many of these apps.

books vs service 9320 for 9360 blackberry

You can back up your phone settings and some data using BlackBerry Desktop. If you know of others, please add them to the thread.

blackberry 9320 service books vs 9360 for

The simplest solution: Use the BlackBerry Desktop software. This requires you to connect your phone to your computer via USB cable or bluetooth, which means synchronization only occurs when you do it manually. It has the advantage of being very secure and private. See this guide. The BlackBerry Desktop software can be downloaded here. You need the bit version of Outlook if you want to use BlackBerry Desktop to sync your Outlook data with your Bold BlackBerry Desktop does work with earlier bit versions of Outlook.

Networked wireless solutions: BlackBerry OS 7. Of course, you might already being doing that on Gmail, Outlook. The upside is that you can sync from anywhere at any time, as long as you have a wifi or cellular connection. There's also an MS Outlook connector, so you can use this service to sync with Outlook but only the bit version works. Memotoo OTA. Memotoo provides a similar service to OneMediaHub, and offers the ability to sync your calendar, contacts, tasks, and memos to the major webmail services, Evernote, and Simplenote, among others.

You can create an account and download the app at memotoo. Set up your own SyncML server Advanced. If you use Debian, all of the software is in the repositories. Read up on hardening your server if you're going to make it accessible from the internet.

Like 1. A few notes on the apps: If you have suggestions, let me know and I'll add them. Logicmail: Logicmail can be set up to work with outlook. It can also be made to work with Gmail accounts via a workaround.

How to resend service books to my BlackBerry Curve 9300

See the configuration guide in this post. It was originally made for flip phones and is not the least bit intuitive. Any time you're lost, press the BlackBerry Button. In the setup interface, press the BlackBerry button on every screen, to see if there are more advanced settings. Any time you think you need to save a setting, press the BlackBerry button to see the save option. In short, just keep pressing that BlackBerry button and you'll learn how it works. It does not seem to poll your mail.

You must open the app and manually refresh your inbox.

Guide: BlackBerry OS 7 (maybe 6) WITHOUT BIS

If you want to be notified of emails as they arrive, I would suggest setting up your email through the webmail interface in a browser to forward to your phone, using your cellular provider's email-to-SMS or email-to-MMS gateway. There's a dated list of those gateways in post 10 of this thread. The work of rendering webpages for Opera Mini is done on Opera's servers, and then the data is compressed and forwarded to the browser.

The idea is that this process is supposed to take advantage of off-device processing power and speed up your browsing experience. In practice, it doesn't seem much faster than the built-in browser on the Bold.

The system does have an advantage, though: the transmission of compressed information means that Opera Mini uses much less data than a regular browser. I tend to use the BlackBerry browser when I'm using wifi at home or at work, because the browser's inability to use cellular data is actually a pretty handy data usage warning system: if the browser doesn't work, I realize that my device has dropped the wifi connection and has switched to data which the other apps are capable of using and that I'm using my data unnecessarily.

BIS won't connect my BB Curve 9370

It works over cellular data without BIS. If you really miss the browser on your old flip phone, you'll feel right at home. Hello Moto But seriously, if you use it for a bit, you'll come to appreciate its built-in links page and the fact that it notifies you that you're on a wifi or data network.

Messengers: Whatsapp: It works well for text and picture messaging. Official support will cease in December The unpaid ad-supported version has a nasty flaw where it kicks you out of the text-entry box if you receive a message while typing. The paid ad-free version does not have this flaw.

How to resend service books to my BlackBerry Curve 9360

Both versions tend to disconnect after a while if left running in the background. Trillian BBW : another app that connects to multiple messenger services. Facebook Messenger. The dedicated messenger app is now dead, but messaging still works in the old version of the Facebook app, available at theiexplorers.

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It's wifi-only for those of us without BIS. Maps: Google Maps: version 4. See this post by Charles for more information. Version 4.

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Many people have trouble running 4. The link to version 3 in that thread is dead, but you can get it here. MGMaps is beginning to lose significant functionality as of January Yahoo and Google maps no longer work, and the search function is broken. Podtrapper: The developer EOL'd this app with style. You have to add feed url's manually, but once added, there are all kinds of good features and controls.

The alternative is to bookmark podcast feeds in the browser, download episodes, and listen to them with the music player.

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