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Step 3: Verify that iCloud. › how-to-sync-any-browsers-bookmarks-with. Apple makes it easy to synchronize bookmarks between the Safari browser Whether you're using Chrome, Firefox, or even Internet Explorer.

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On a Mac, this should be enabled by default. Apple is no longer updating Safari for Windows.

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Click the Options button to select the browser you want to synchronize bookmarks with. Click the Advanced sync settings button and ensure bookmark syncing is enabled.

Once you have Chrome Sync set up, you can install the Chrome app from the App Store and sign in with the same Google account. Your bookmarks, as well as other data like your open browser tabs, will automatically sync. It does this the old-fashioned way, by initiating a manual sync when your device is plugged in via USB.

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To access this option, connect your device to your computer, select the device in iTunes, and click the Info tab. This is the more outdated way of synchronizing your bookmarks. After you set up bookmark syncing via iCloud or Chrome Sync, bookmarks will sync immediately after you save, remove, or edit them.

How to Import Chrome Bookmarks to Safari

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How to Sync iPhone/iPad/iPod Safari Bookmarks to Chrome/FireFox/Opera Browsers on Windows PC

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