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The Hindu Book of Astrology is a book by Indian writer and astrologist Bhakti Seva. The book was published in The New York Magazine of Mysteries back in. Free Book The Hindu Book Of Astrology Uploaded By Sidney Sheldon, if this was really a vintage hindu astrology book it would be a real find i have yet to locate. Book info: Author: Bhakti Seva Title: The Hindu book of astrology; or. Yogic knowledge of the stars download PDF (original scan) · download b/w PDF (​original.

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Full text of " The Hindu book of astrology; or. Date of the Signs. May 20 to June June 21 to July July 22 to Aug.

Each person is born in or under one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and is thus influenced more or less throughout life by the planetary conditions at time of birth. In this work I propose to state the natural tend- encies of each person and in a certain way indicate what they should do and what they should not do to make their life a success.

By referring to your sign, which is indicated by the date and month when you were born, you will see what your natural tendencies are, and what it is best for you to do to attract and use unseen forces and powers which are your birthright, and which will aid you to make your future bright. No matter how bad your lot may seem to you, and how difficult it is for you to get along in the world, you can readily change all darkness to the brightest sunshine if you only go about it in the right spirit.

The first step to take is to fix in your mind a strong desire for what you wish, and persistently and patiently hold this desire until you get it ful- filled. In India, men, through the advice of emi- nent astrologers, will have an aspiration to accom- plish a certain thing, and will persistently hold and believe they will be successful in attaining what they desire until they get their aspiration satisfied. There are three things absolutely essential to happiness and which will always bring success; viz.

When we learn to exercise our mind and will on hope, patience and determination, we find a wide door open to per- manent health, wealth, honor and happiness.

One who grumbles and complains and whines and mur- murs because others are successful will never have fair Fortune's smile ; the unseen powers cannot and will not help any soul who whines, complains and murmurs in a world that is filled with health, wealth and happiness.

The grumbler and corn- plainer is never loved ; no one desires to help such a being. Indeed, the world has no use for such persons, as they are repulsive. Their natures are poisoned with pessimism and they repel and drive from them constantly millions of good things.

The Devas angels can and do help the bright and cheerful ones who are full of hope, and aspire to great and good things; while the lazy, indolent and whining beings are surrounded by low and de- grading forces, which keep them always from everything that is good in this world of good things.

by Bhakti Seva

There is a cause for every effect. There is a reason why some men and women are successful, and a reason why others are sick and worried and poverty-stricken, miserable and unhappy. It is always wise to calmly reflect upon the past ; but very unwise and exceedingly foolish and weak- ening to brood or worry about the missteps we have taken.

No matter what happens to you keep a cheerful and hopeful mind and you will eventually succeed beyond all your fondest expectations. Health, success and happiness is always abundantly measured out by the higher and unseen powers to those who are persistently patient, hopeful and courageous.

No matter what one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac you are born under, you can develop into a good and successful person if you will pay strict attention to the golden truths printed in this book.

Scarcely one person of the large and growing hu- man family pay enough attention to questions bear- ing upon individual happiness, prosperity, har- mony and health. This book should be read many times and carefully studied because it contains vital truths respecting our well-being. Anyone, with a little mental effort, can train and develop the will just as easy as we can train and develop the muscles by persistent physical exercise.

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But, I tell you, everyone can control these forces and powers and can accomplish grand results the very moment he cleanses his mind of fear and doubt about his ability to succeed. Continually think disease and you will continually be weak and sick; continually think poverty and you will continually be poverty- stricken. These are truths, absolute truths. Servile de- pendence in money Inatters is no longer deemed honorable.

Poverty cannot bring happiness. We must live intensely in the present, let go the past, and the future will take care of itself.

Each one occupies a good place in the Universal Zodiac, and all our sufferings are due entirely to a lack of knowledge and wisdom. Now, my sole aim in writing this book, is to wake people up out of the delusions in which they live.

There is a good time coming for all of us, and we can hasten that time by a little thought. V5 All persons born from December 21 to Janua,ry 19, inclusive, were born under the sign of Capricorn.

This is the last sign of the Earth Triplicity, and is the dark or mysterious sign of the earth. It will be well for you to study, read much, and do a lot of thinking. Many professional men and women come out of this sign, especially orators, lecturers and teachers.

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Education and knowledge of all kinds will be very beneficial for you. Work hard at one thing at a time, and don't try to accomplish too many things in a given time. Act as you think best, and don't permit anyone to run your affairs. By attending strictly to your own business, and not meddling or interfering with the affairs of others, you will become very successful.

At times you are liable to become blue and depressed. Keally there is no cause for any Capricorn person to ever feel dejected or disheartened, as every thing- good in the Universe is attracted to this sign.

You also have wonderful hypnotic powers which can be brought to a very high degree of develop- ment by always being patient and never allowing yourself to become angry or to feel envious or jealous of others.

Both your magnetic and hypnotic powers will lead you to wealth and suc- cess. Be careful of your money, and don't try to help others too much. Always keep well informed of the progress of the world and keep your mind open, broad and tolerant, respect- ing the opinion of others even if you don't believe in them. Always put your whole heart, soul and energy into everything you under- take, no matter if the undertaking is a small one.

I know your nature is to do large and great things, and that is all right ; but ever remember if you do the smallest thing in the world successfully it will put you in a position to do something better and greater. All Capricorn people ought to have a good business education, and should ever strive to acquire and save money.

I don't mean to be stingy, mean or penurious about money matters, because no one in this great and wonderful age will be much of a success who is not liberal and broad-minded with respect to money matters. Music to you is very beneficial. Some excellent singers, musicians, actors and actresses come out of this sign.

Enjoy yourself all you can in a ra- tional and sensible way, such as attending social gatherings, entertainments, concerts, lectures and public meetings. Be moderate and temperate in all you do, and your success and happiness is as- sured.

Never doubt your ability to amass money in any line of work which you really love; it is foolish for you to engage in work that is utterly distasteful to you, and in which you cannot will- ingly put your whole heart, head and soul. Ever remember that while wealth is a great thing to have there are other equally as great things for you to acquire, viz.

Don't be proud, arrogant or dictatorial ; remember we are all of one family and that we are all God's chil- dren. It is difficult to get Capricorn people to give much time to the cultivation of the spiritual side of their natures; yet, when once aroused in this respect they often become enthusiastic and earnest workers in religious causes.

You may question this, but look into the matter fairly, deeply and honestly and you will find my statement is the absolute truth.

Avoid being skeptical or pes- simistic ; don't talk too much, but be a good lis- tener. You can become a very good and useful citizen by holding in your mind high and noble thoughts, and keeping well balanced.

When a Capricorn person can fully control their mind so that he or she will not be angry, and free from worry or anxiety, there is no telling how wonderful they will become in their achievements.

By often silently thinking and meditating on life and its meaning- and the beautiful and higher things in life you will draw to you the Life forces of the Universe arid all the good planetary and solar forces of your sign which will bring you to the greatest success and complete and perfect happiness.

book the of astrology pdf hindu

A study of occult science, philosophy and metaphysical works would be of untold advantage to you. Many of the greatest men and women in the world were born in your sign. This planet's attraction for you is very strong, and you must be very careful to control all your appetites, passions and desires with an iron will, which you possess and can use. There is scarcely any limit to your powers if you only will exercise your won- derful will intelligently.

A happy marriage is es- sential to the success and happiness of Capricorn people of both sexes. In India the Yogic astrol- ogers say to you people, get married and follow the Divine command by raising a family of children. We also are very strict in our advice to Capricorn people, that they must love their fellowmen and do unto all as they would be done by.

Your sign is gov- erned by Saturn, and you are continually sur- rounded by planetary forces and solar fluids which can help you.

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Now, dear friend, be guided by what I say, as I love you dearly and wish to see you make your life a grand success. You can read every word in this book many times to great ad- vantage. A Capricorn person is very foolish to ever doubt his or her ability to succeed. This sign is governed by Saturn, and the gems are white onyx and moonstone.

The astral colors are garnet, brown, silver-gray and black. The diseases that you are most likely to suffer from are indigestion and melancholia.

The Hindu Book of Astrology

You are also given to over-work, because of your determina- tion to succeed in whatever you undertake. May the peace and blessings of the Blessed' One and all the Devas angels and all Yogis of the Universe be ever with you, dear sister or brother of Capricorn. Bhakti Seva. If your first breath was drawn when one sign was taking the place of another, you will partake of the characteristics of both signs. Hence you belong to the Cusp. The residence in a sign con- sists of six days ; any time less endows one with some of the qualities of the preceding sign.

December 21 to These Cuspers are, as a rule, happier than those born in the sign Capricorn. The natives of this cusp are among the greatest thinkers of the world. They are natural teachers of the young, and are much fonder of children than the average Capricorner. The successful training of musical talent is easily developed by the response of earth to fire, and the companionable influence of Jupi- ter.

People born in this cusp are just and kindly are great observers and fine critics. They do not fall in love easily, and when they marry it is be- cause of affection. They are exact, methodical and efficient in all they undertake. They are good dancers, good linguists, and the best of traveling companions.

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