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A passionate account of how the gulf between France's metropolitan elites and its working classes are tearing the country apart. Christophe. Written by Chris Hayes, Audiobook narrated by Chris Hayes. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book. Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy audiobook written by Chris Hayes​. Narrated by Chris Hayes. Get instant access to all your favorite books.

Cancel anytime. After all the debates, manoeuvrings, recriminations and exaltations, Brexit is upon us.

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But Brexit did not emerge out of nowhere: it is the culmination of events that have been underway for decades and have historical roots stretching back well beyond that. Brexit has a history. O'Rourke, one of the leading economic historians of his generation, explains not only how British attitudes to Europe have evolved but also how the EU's history explains why it operates as it does today - and how that history has shaped the ways in which it has responded to Brexit.

In the first intellectual history of neoliberal globalism, author Quinn Slobodian follows a group of thinkers from the ashes of the Habsburg Empire to the creation of the World Trade Organization to show that neoliberalism emerged less to shrink government and abolish regulations than to redeploy them at a global level.

In Septemberthe provocative essay "The Flight 93 Election" galvanized many voters by spotlighting the stakes ahead in November and reproaching complacent elements of the Right. Its author, Michael Anton - writing as "Publius Decius Mus" - addressed the main criticisms of his argument soon afterward in a "Restatement on Flight 93". A new criticism emerged that he had painted a dire scenario to be averted, but no positive vision.

Here, Anton presents the positive ideal that inspired him - a distillation of his thinking on Americanism and the West, refined over decades. In this challenging work, Christopher Lasch makes an accessible critique of what is wrong with the values and beliefs of America's professional and managerial elites.

The distinguished historian argues that democracy today is threatened not by the masses, as Jose Ortega y Gasset The Revolt of the Masses had said, but by the elites. These elites - mobile and increasingly global in outlook - refuse to accept limits or ties to nation and place.

The social justice creed is shaping our every daily interaction. It influences how businesses structure themselves. It is altering how employers and employees interrelate. It has utterly transformed academia. It is remaking our politics with alarming swiftness. And there are consequences for those who transgress against the tenets of social justice and the self-appointed inquisitors who enforce its maxims.

Noah Rothman deconstructs today's out-of-control social justice movement and the lasting damage it has had on American politics, culture, and education and our nation's future. Respected conservative journalist and commentator Timothy P. Carney continues the conversation begun with Hillbilly Elegy and the classic Bowling Alone in this hard-hitting analysis that identifies the true factor behind the decline of the American dream: It is not purely the result of economics as the left claims, but the collapse of the institutions that made us successful, including marriage, church, and civic life.

Of the three dominant ideologies of the 20th century - fascism, communism, and liberalism - only the last remains. This has created a peculiar situation in which liberalism's proponents tend to forget that it is an ideology and not the natural end-state of human political evolution.

As Patrick Deneen argues in this provocative book, liberalism is built on a foundation of contradictions. What is the connection between a rise in the number of random attacks against Jews on the streets of France and strategically planned terrorist acts targeting the French population at large?

Before the attacks on Charlie Hebdothe Bataclan night club, and others made international headlines, Marc Weitzmann had noticed a surge of seemingly random acts of violence against the Jews of France. His disturbing and eye-opening new book, Hateproposes that both the small-scale and large-scale acts of violence have their roots in not one, but two very specific forms of populism.

Dissatisfied and discontent, Florent-Claude Labrouste begrudgingly works as an engineer for the Ministry of Agriculture and is in a self-imposed dysfunctional relationship with a younger woman. When he discovers her ongoing infidelity, he decides to return to the Normandy countryside of his youth. There he contemplates lost loves and past happiness as he struggles to embed himself in a world that no longer holds any joy for him.

His only relief comes in the form of a pill - white, oval, small.

See a Problem?

Captorix is a new brand of anti-depressant, recently released for public consumption. Conspiracy theories are as old as politics. But conspiracists today have introduced something new - conspiracy without theory.

And the new conspiracism has moved from the fringes to the heart of government with the election of Donald Trump. In A Lot of People Are SayingRussell Muirhead and Nancy Rosenblum reveal how the new conspiracism differs from classic conspiracy theory, why so few officials speak truth to conspiracy, and what needs to be done to resist it.

Is the world headed back to the fractious conflicts between nations that led to world wars and depression in the early 20th Century? Why are nationalists so angry about free trade and immigration? Why has globalization become a dirty word?

Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy

What accounts for the rise of the state, the creation of the first global system, and the dominance of the West? The conventional answer asserts that superior technology, tactics, and institutions forged by Darwinian military competition gave Europeans a decisive advantage in war from onward.

Empires of the Weak argues that Europeans had no general military superiority in the early modern era. Sharman shows instead that European expansion is better explained by deference to strong Asian and African polities, disease in the Americas, and maritime supremacy earned by default. Populist politicians exploit nationalism for authoritarian, chauvinistic, racist, and xenophobic purposes, reinforcing the view that it is fundamentally reactionary and antidemocratic.

But Yael Yuli Tamir makes a passionate argument for a very different kind of nationalism - one that revives its participatory, creative, and egalitarian virtues, answers many of the problems caused by neoliberalism and hyperglobalism, and is essential to democracy at its best. But is this flattering story itself rational? In this sweeping account of irrationality from antiquity to today - from the fifth-century BC murder of Hippasus for revealing the existence of irrational numbers to the rise of Twitter mobs and the election of Donald Trump - Justin Smith says the evidence suggests the opposite.

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Socialism was man's most ambitious attempt to supplant religion with a doctrine claiming to ground itself in "science". Each failure to create societies of abundance or give birth to "the New Man" inspired more searching for the path to the promised land: revolution, communes, social democracy, communism, fascism, Arab socialism, African socialism. None worked, and some exacted a staggering human toll. Then, after two centuries of wishful thinking and bitter disappointment, socialism imploded in a fin de siecle drama of falling walls and collapsing regimes.

Twilight of the Elites

If Vasily Grossman's masterpiece, Life and Fatehad been published during his lifetime, it would have reached the world together with Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago and before Solzhenitsyn's Gulag. When it emerged posthumously, decades later, it was recognized as the War and Peace of the 20th century.

Denis Diderot is often associated with the decades-long battle to bring the world's first comprehensive Encyclopedie into existence. But his most daring writing took place in the shadows.

A Colony in a Nation

Thrown into prison for his atheism inDiderot decided to reserve his best books for posterity - for us, in fact. In the astonishing cache of unpublished writings left behind after his death, Diderot challenged virtually all of his century's accepted truths, from the sanctity of monarchy, to the racial justification of the slave trade, to the norms of human sexuality.

The former dean of Yale Law School argues that the feverish egalitarianism gripping college campuses today is out of place at institutions whose job is to prepare citizens to live in a vibrant democracy. A passionate account of how the gulf between France's metropolitan elites and its working classes are tearing the country apart. Christophe Guilluy, a French geographer, makes the case that France has become an "American society" - one that is both increasingly multicultural and increasingly unequal.

The divide between the global economy's winners and losers in today's France has replaced the old left-right split, leaving many on "the periphery". As Guilluy shows, there is no unified French economy, and those cut off from the country's new economic citadels suffer disproportionately on both economic and social fronts. In Guilluy's analysis, the lip service paid to the idea of an "open society" in France is a smoke screen meant to hide the emergence of a closed society, walled off for the benefit of the upper classes.

The ruling classes in France are reaching a dangerous stage, he argues; without the stability of a growing economy, the hope for those excluded from growth is extinguished, undermining the legitimacy of a multicultural nation. This book is translated to English and can be a bit obtuse at times to an American ear but the amount of insight is huge not just to the French but to much of global elites. When trying to understand the issue of the Yellow Shirt Protest my friends in Paris were at a loss as to their complaints and to understand the issues.

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Most put it to racism or Islamophobia. This books foretells the coming troubles in the Yellow Shirt protest. It is explains in detail the reasons which are not racial at all and many could see coming.

This is not really about politics but the deterioration of conditions for the working poor in France. High unemployment, job insecurity, the inability of their family to move up the ladder to success and how the French media and politicians on all sides have condition them to accept a declining living standard.

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You may remember Obama's "the new normal" and why for elites their standard of living has improved during these times. It may be summarized as "globalism". This book is not from a what would be called a conservative but a progressive in the french tradition.

Some of the things the elites in France do is label every one fascist or racist that may try and disagree with the current policies so as to protect their own interest.

They contain any disagreement with their political positions by controlling the sources of information. After Brexit their was a move to change voting so that young peoples volts counted twice or not to count pensioners. This was something the explanations did not ring true but now it is clear as to the goal and why.

Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy

The elites now tend to ignore elections results they do not like. Although written at a time of the last US election it is interesting what the author would say about the results of the election and what has occurred since. He states the elites will do everything possible to protect their position and status. Good scholarship should help you understand the past and give you a clue to the future and this book does both.

Narrated by: Roger Clark. Length: 5 hrs and 46 mins. Categories: Non-fictionSocial Sciences. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary A passionate account of how the gulf between France's metropolitan elites and its working classes are tearing the country apart. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Reviews - Please select the tabs below to change the source of reviews. Amazon Reviews.

No Reviews are Available. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Filter by:. All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only. Want to understand French Yellow Vest and Trump This book is translated to English and can be a bit obtuse at times to an American ear but the amount of insight is huge not just to the French but to much of global elites.

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