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Israel's king replied, "It appears you have decided your own fate." 41The for you myself."8So she wrote letters in Ahab's name, putting his seal on them. 'If he escapes it will be your life for his--that, or you will owe me a kikkar of silver.'​40Your 8So she wrote letters in Ahab's name, putting his seal on them. You need to check and correct what you have written. Even if you took meticulous care as you wrote, you will still find errors and things you could improve when.

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Exploring the new space of consciousness around all things after the third hexagram, difficulty at the beginning, this book of poetry enters into the mental space of a new job or new career. The final thoughts of a young spiritual seeker in solitude as he enters back into the world.

Music without dancing is like a heart without a body. The poem's purpose is to convince the reader that music without dancing is incomplete, the listener should participate in the creative act by dancing.

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Sometimes we also can recollect ourselves through singing and dancing, so singing and dancing The dark depths of humanity are explored, and laid bare, in this book of poetry. Death is analyzed in all its stages, going from tributes to lost friends, to the acceptance of approaching death, and dissecting that short period of time that exists between life and death. Time is also studied from These poems were written by Igor Marinovsky, poet from Ukraine to bring delight to your day with romantic free verse.

Because everyone is loved and you have to know about that. Stay blessed!

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Be loved! A collection of poems; souvenir for my Golden Birthday, which hopefully: May help the young to aspire, The good life God for them desire, Even the adult and aged still to inspire, A truly blessed life in God acquire.

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This poetry anthology features more than 20 poets and more than 40 poems. With illustrations. Senior Editor and poet David Fox is a true inspiration.

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Despite being born with Cerebral Palsy and having suffered from mental illness in his 20's, David has written poems for children and adults for Initially completed inthis collection details some of the personal effects of dealing with psychological abuse, transmuted through poetry. The collection is chronological in the main and tackles issues such as love fraud, hypnosis and ambient abuse, more broadly.

The author wrote these A kiss, when he finds his life, outside, in her life. Sleeping with her, forever, as long as he could Showing results: of Published: Mar Downloads: 18 Pages: Published: Mar Downloads: 17 Pages: Published: Mar Downloads: 31 Pages: Published: Feb Downloads: Pages: A power packed poetry book of deep, deep, deep love poetry.

Published: Feb Downloads: 81 Pages: Josephine M.

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Published: Feb Downloads: 13 Pages: Published: Dec Downloads: Pages: Published: Dec Downloads: 60 Pages: Published: Dec Downloads: 98 Pages:

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