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The ideal dimensions for link post featured images are x pixels. facebook-link-postx Facebook Image Sizes & Dimensions. facebook cheat sheet sizes and dimensions. What is the Facebook profile picture size or Facebook banner size? How wide is the page of your. Each type of image on a page, profile, and timeline has its own size and quirks. And Facebook never has been very good about making its help.

What are all the Facebook image sizes you need to know in ? Well, consider this your one-stop guide to everything from Facebook cover photo size to profile picture size, ad sizes, and more.

Facebook Image Sizes 2020: Everything You Need to Know

In the beginning, Facebook was mostly text and links with the occasional baby photo flying through your stream. Truly, a picture is worth more than a thousand words, and Facebook has ensured that you can effectively communicate your thoughts and experiences with the use of high-quality images. Keeping up with the ever-changing image sizes and formats on Facebook is a dizzying, and exhausting task.

This post includes:. Now, this information will be extremely helpful to the many of us who are plagued with perfectionism and want to make sure every image is the right size. Download the Templates Skip straight to the end to download all the Facebook image templates.

How to change facebook profile without cropping

Unlike cover photos, profile pictures will not only appear on your Facebook timeline a. In most cases it will be a small thumbnail, so you want to crop it right. A profile picture is a square image that measures px by px on desktop. So make sure your picture accounts for those corners being rounded off. The size of the profile picture that is seen in the comments you make, however, is scaled down and resized to a square image of 40px by 40px.

Lastly, if someone clicks on your profile photo, it can be displayed as large as px by px. The highest resolution Facebook will store is px by px.

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When creating your profile picture, I recommend creating them at the highest resolution, px by px. That will ensure that you are presenting the highest quality image for your most important Facebook asset—your profile picture. Pro-tip: People like to connect with your eyes, so make sure your eyes and mouth, preferably a smile are visible in the smallest size of your Facebook profile picture.

Located at the top of your personal Facebook timeline, your cover photo is the perfect place to showcase your personality.

Facebook Photos Size Guide for 2020

A Timeline cover photo measures px by px. This is the minimum size that Facebook will display the photo at. If you peek behind the source code, you find that Facebook is storing a higher resolution version, and the upper limit seems to be px by px.

So, if you want the highest resolution image use those dimensions. Pro tip: Make your profile cover something personal that makes you look like a real human being. Avoid text and calls-to-action at all costs. Also, be aware that because of certain user interface elements, parts of your profile cover will be covered up. For Business Pages, Facebook cover photos are an incredible way to display what your brand is about, and visually connect with your target audience.

However, the cover photo dimensions are slightly different from that of personal profiles. They display at a size of px by px.

Facebook Cover Photo Size (Profile)

As with everything else, Facebook will store a higher resolution version if you upload it. The maximum resolution you can upload is px by px. The great thing about these new Facebook Page Cover Photos is that they no longer have any obstructed area on them. There are no interface items over the cover photo, nor is your profile photo partially blocking it. As with my previous recommendation, however, I would not use this space as just another banner advertisement. Use it to give personality to your page—a branding opportunity rather than a marketing opportunity.

Bonus Tip : If you want to design your Facebook cover photos with ease, there are two tools I recommend: Canvaand Picmonkey. Both are free to use and have pre-built Facebook cover photo templates.

The group cover photo requires you to have a cropped area and adjust the image vertically in the viewable zone. The minimum viewing area is px by px.

Facebook Image Dimensions 2020: Every Size You Need

But if you upload an image that size or equivalent ratio you will need to adjust it horizontally. So, instead, what looks to be the optimal size to upload is an image that is px by px. This will allow you to reposition the image vertically within the viewable area. For the highest resolution, I recommend going with double those dimensions to accommodate retina displays and use the dimensions of px by px. For the best result, however, you can double those dimensions to be px by px to ensure that the photo looks great on all screen resolutions.

You can also upload video to your Event Headers, and it will be displayed at the same size as an image header.

Facebook Business Page Image Sizes 2020

Users can view at full screen, however, and it will not be cropped there. Over the years, Facebook has gotten much better at maintaining image quality when uploading photos. It used to be absolutely horrific. These days, when you upload a photo, the quality loss is very little. When you upload a single image to a Facebook post, the maximum width it will display in-stream is px.

There is no way to account for every possible screen size in the world, so the following are basic guidelines.

Facebook Video Ad Sizes Explained for 2020

So regardless of your image orientation, if one of its measurements is higher than pxthen Facebook will resize the image to get that value as close to the px as possible while maintaining the same aspect ratio for the image. Now, the following sections are for the super-obsessive types that want to know the exact pixel sizes of everything. So if your first photo is a Portrait, you can expect to see the Portrait layouts applied based on how many photos are being uploaded.

And the image specs vary based on where you want your ads to be viewed. The recommended image size for an advertisement image is px by px which works out to an image ratio of 1. Shared link images that appear on personal timelines or when they appear on the news feeds measure px by px.

To ensure a high resolution image, the recommended image size is px by px. The image has to be automatically pulled from the destination web page.

Social Media Image Sizes for 2018: A Guide for Marketers

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Facebook Cheat Sheet: All Image Sizes, Dimensions, and Templates [2020]

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On top of that, get instant access to a digital library of downloadable resources. Just add your email below. All these Explanations and comments, none if them reveal the True image processing by Facebook. FYI Facebook always use 72ppi density for all image uploads. Even if the original image has very high resolution. The result is the one with 72ppi retain its quality, the other with ppi became blurry and slightly aliased pixels since it compressed down to 72ppi by FB server.

Every graphic designer should know that you only work in 72ppi for digital, and ppi for print. And it will likely stay that way for many years to come, unfortunately. Super helpful info. Can you help? Anyways, I hope you can help me with this one. Nice work. Thank you. I got one for you that I cannot figure out that I am pretty sure you did not cover.

for facebook page photoer size

It is truly a mystery to me how it is done. This is a great question, Tom. And I wish I had an answer. Unfortunately this is an engineering mystery. My best guess about how it works is that Giphy and Facebook worked out a deal to let these previews happen. The destination URL of the GIF likely has a set of meta data that tells Facebook what size the gif is supposed to be, and Facebook displays it accordingly.

Is there another compression rules for portrait photos? The output you see is really going to depend on your screen size and resolution. Checking this on different sized screens resulted for me in different resized versions so it seems that Facebook is creating various resizes and serves up the most appropriate size for the screen. Hi, Dustin I was not really sure what size is perfect for facebook this post help me a lot. I need a size for a FB photo frame for a non-profit.

Can you help with that? Whenever I add a picture to a Facebook posting, it takes up the entire width of the posting, regardless of resolution. Is there a way to specify width, or do I have to add a bunch of white space images to take up the rest of the width? The way it works is the photo takes up the full width. I hav published a frame, and would like to know the number of users that have used it on their profile image.

Is that possible to find?

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